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Yeah! Nice and easy listening - sometimes it bugs me with acid when the bassline (or "acid" line) gets too harsh or busy, but none of that here. The detuned sounds also interact nicely with the rest of the mix so as a result they don't feel out of place at all. The tempo manages to be fast and at the same time laid back, which is a nice feat. I would like to hear this stuff in a larger context - an album or a dj mix, live set.

If I were to change anything, I'd make the intro and outro to be more gradual fading in/out but that's just my style. :)

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i really dig the atmosphere and vibe you're going for. nice little tune, uplifting, positive with a hint of melancholy 

for my taste, the synth (?) that stops playing at 0:48 is a little muddy or too loud in the mix.

all in all the drums could be more in the foreground but thats just a matter of my taste and could be intentional as well.


maybe a longer break with some new elements would give a nice touch aswell. 


another point to improve would be to develop the entire track more. it's all the time the same "feel" looping over and over. i'd totally enjoy a development in another direction 


anyway, cool tune you've made here ! keep up the great work :) 

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