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Folk Horror Revival: Unseelie Court - Pye Corner Audio, Folklore Tapes, English Heretic, The Psychogeographical Commission

Rubin Farr

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  • 3 weeks later...
  • 3 weeks later...

Great event, perfect Fall weather for Scotland.  Daytime event was sold out, dedicated folk horror nerds of every variety, myself included, haha.  Some different speakers, a screening of the film Borley Rectory with the director, then the night event, which was just spectacular.  Folklore Tapes, English Heretic, and Pye Corner Audio all put on great performances for such a small space, which had a very intimate vibe, if not optimal air conditioning.





Folklore Tapes





English Heretic



Martin Jenkins










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looks like a fun event. was there any merch limited to the event only?


Yeah, there were some exclusive t-shirts available, and the Wyrd Kalendar book was available before it hit bookstores, so I bought both   :sorcerer:




Chris Lambert was the MC for the daytime event as well, and a really funny chap.

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