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[Ambient] Qatarsis - A Desolate Hope

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Hey guys


i'd like to get some opinions on my new track (especially on the mix). most synth are made with the new prophet 08 rev2, i'm really getting into this machine more and more. 


anyway, i appreciate any kind of suggestions critics etc. 


enjoy !





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Nice track! I am getting vibes like Vangelis' Blader Runner soundtrack, drum & bass / trance breakdowns (keep expecting for some beating drums to come in) and - weirdly - ASMR sounds (because of the vocal sample).


With regard to the mix, I feel it could be a little more dynamic: for example the synth "booms" could be more prominent somehow. Also, the vocal sample gets a little muddled in the second half of the song so it's difficult to understand what it's saying - maybe that's what you are going for: a kind of feeling where you drift off into the music/hypnosis thing and won't/can't pay attention to the words.


After 2nd listen I'm pretty sure it's ASMR here. :)

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thanks alot for your reply man, much appreciated  !


i put some disotrtion on the synth boom and made it a little bit louder - definitely got your point it was not sitting in the mix so well. i think it's better right now ? 

and yes you are right, it's an AMSR video from youtube i've chopped up :)

some words in the 2nd half are intentional not understandable as you already guessed, it's provoking that kind of feeling imo.


best regards

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