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cool - would be helpful to know if they're selling back stock (which they are) or if it's an all digital shop (which it's not) and what is up there etc.


like have that stuff in the first post u know?

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Damn, was hoping to re-purchase Sounds of the 20th Century 3&4 as a digital copy as my turntable hates playing the flexi-discs (they slip all over the place ...)

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This gave me much excite until clicking on a bunch of them and kapblammmazzee, no digitals


Jack pls


Are the 2016 tour ep and the live 05 discs any good m88s

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Is this another Skam Bandcamp situation?

Nah, this is all analogue digital vinals rather than digital analogue vinals - bit harder to fake !
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      Q: You’ve remixed the likes of David Bowie, David Byrne, Depeche Mode and Nine Inch Nails, where does Numan fit in?
      A: I really liked the early stuff, and I revisited it when I knew I was doing this mix, and those songs really stand the test of time. Listening back to that material, you realise how alien it all sounded first time round.
      Q: How did you go about creating this particular remix?
      A: I’ve always loved Numan’s vocals and wanted to hear them isolated. With singers liked Trent Reznor, or Bowie, it’s interesting to hear their vocals on their own. They’re always good singers, these people. If you isolated one of my vocal takes you’d hear all the drop ins and outs. But these guys sounds like they go all the way through in one decent take. Numan’s a really good singer, he doesn’t really get credit for it. He has that sneering English accent, he doesn’t do any Americanised vocals, does he? Who is the female singer?
      Q: That’s Persia, his daughter. She’s 11 years old
      A: Are you serious! Fucking hell. Her vocal gives it a real world music feel. I would never have thought she was only 11! 
      Q: You’ve quite the electronic arsenal, what weaponry did you bring to the mix?
      A: I used the Buchla 200 system, an original one, to provide the synth sounds, and an EMS 3000, which I put Numan’s vocals through. I was playing chords to supplement his vocals, which was main thing that I added. I followed the beat, changed some of the drum sounds. That was for the first mix, which is available as a bonus download. On the second mix, which is on the vinyl, I stripped everything back using an Elektron Machinedrum, the Buchla and a vocoder.
      Q: You have a new album ready to go, haven’t you?
      A: Thanks for mentioning it. Yes, it’s due for release in December.
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