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caedes at zommerfezt [elipamanoke] 04.08.17


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hi guys,


this is my set from our summer party in leipzig this year  (http://telegra.ph/Zommerfezt-mit-exLEp%C3%A4ng-07-30)

it was an intro set for the breakcore floor, so i tried to build a bridge and speed up at the end 

though i think the tracklist match with the taste of the board




of course feedback is welcome :)



(2017) Brainwaltzera - ten ton fenix [unchosen] - βκ [Outdives EP]

(2005) Karsten Pflum - Guld og gammelt jern [Flugten Fra År 2000]

(1992) Hyper On Experience - The Frightner [Fun For All The Family E.P.]

(2005) Wirebug - Gorfus Gizmoid [Ce La Fai ? Vinyl]

(2003) Cylob - Smack 'Em Up Sharp [Rephlexions! An Album of Braindance!]

(2017) EOD - Swurlk (Snarlfingercroak Mix) [swurlk EP]

(2014) Henry Homesweet - Whomp [LOVCD00]

(2017) afx - Nightmail 1 [orphans]

(2013) Odan - First Fix [Viper]

(2007) Kettel - Coddle [Whisper Me Wishes]

(2007) The Tuss - Rushup I Bank 12 [Rushup Edge]

(2004) karsten pflum - A1 - Pollenpark [Dogcatcher EP]

(2011) Stunt Rock - If I'm Not Sincere Enough, Please Let Me Know, And I Will Squint More [Regret™ Instruction Manual Issue One: Questions And Answers For The Insecure Youth]

(2017) afx - get a baby [Hangable Auto Bulb]

(2003) Emotional Joystick - Next Time [bellicose Pacific]

(2012) Odan - Crackon [Arachnodan]

(2017) Gareth Clarke - Smoke [Voiceless Y]

(2014) Beatwife - Colmatron [Cornbrail Acid 2]

(2016) ninja sword - damage over time []

(2017) Aphex Twin - milkman bonus beets [Girl/Boy EP]

(1998) Gescom - Untitled [MASK 400]

(2003) afx - Mangle 11 [Circuit Bent V.I.P. Mix] [Rephlexions! An Album of Braindance!]

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