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Anyone? :-(

Last one sounds like background music for YouTube videos. There's definitely a market for that sort of stuff though. It's maybe a hip hop inspired beat but I wouldn't say it's a hip hop track. Sounds are all well-mixed and solid on their own, but to the point that they sound like stock presets. The writing feels terribly uninspired, it lacks any hint of emotion to me. I'm definitely not the target audience, but even so I don't know who this would appeal to.
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New poppy uplifting hip hop demo. Enjoy!!


Listen to The Bro - Never Say Die (demo) by The Bro #np on #SoundCloud


Really like the bassline here. Drums n bass are well programmed and work together to make a satisfying groove. I would try to challenge yourself to write a longer melody sometime, one that unfolds over several bars. Maybe have the track change wildly halfway through while still maintaining a few elements from the first half.

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New funk jam. A bit inspired by Jake Slazenger lol.


Listen to The Bro - Funk Jam 3 (demo) by The Bro #np on #SoundCloud



Haha this is interesting, that little drum fill is cool.


Not sure how old you are, but to be brutally honest you'l need to find a better name than The Bro. Then again, there's a dog called 6ix9ine charting so anythings possible.

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