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Various - Rubber Beats vol. VI (Caoutchou)


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Out Thursday 19/10 on Caoutchou Records


Link to follow: https://caoutchou.bandcamp.com/album/rubber-beats-vol-vi (nothing here yet tee-hee)


1. Bewwip - No Interprets
2. Dijf Sanders - Subway
3. Rolando Simmons - The Hand
4. Sunken Foal - David Cleary (What? He's My Friend)
5. hoera. - Onderweer
6. 6SISS - No-Ism
7. Anadol - Bir Garip Kan Içme Töreni (Grup Ses Remix)
8. Al Rajul Al Hadidi  - Replikator
9. Ninjato - Funky Banana Tea
10. ZeMauno - Impossible Arcade
11. WHRK - Unboxing
12. Rognvald - What A Lovely Day
13. Cool and Frank - Deck Him Book It
14. Egon Fisk - Sory
15. Human Mirth Tube Unit - ..
16. zvλd - Home Listening
17. Spongemagnet ft. Velvet C - Hyperblood
18. FINFRIG - Tune the Birds
19. Point 10 - You Pass Butter
20. Batfinks & Jim Noir - Frenty Ate Pints


Will also come for sale with shirts that look like this!

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Who is Cool and Frank?...nice track for sure.


This comp is not disappointing...especially getting new zvad.

Forum member, lots of great tracks.


That said, this is a great compilation, lots of artists I've not heard of on here! Going to have to do some digging now.

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Really great comp.  Early highlights:


Bewwip track -- incredible tune, reminiscent of Go Plastic Era Squarepusher.

Rognvald -- epic 8 minute tune that bounces all over the place.  This guy is really growing on me, esp after the Love Love ep.

WHRK, Cool and Frank, and especially Egon Fisk -- never heard these guys before but the tracks are very groovy.


...and of course Rolando and Zvad, who I think are on another playing field currently.

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^ ye agreed, Cool and Frank is killer. Had no idea you were a forum member whose posts I regularly get to read lol.


For your fans xoxo




(wait why isn't this showing? click here: Rubber Beats vol. VI minimix (pt.2): Cool and Frank)

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