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LUKE VIBERT remix thread


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Sometimes, Luke Vibert releases can become pretty elusive, but not as elusive as his remixes, which seems to pop out of nowhere half the time.


if any of you hear of a brand new Vibert/WC/Plug/Kerrier District/Amen Andrews/etc. remix on the web, feel free to post about it, or even better, post a link to it, here.


Here's hoping the admin for this group will pin this. i'll get started with a couple links.



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Good thread idea, and since it's languished here for 24 hours with nary a nibble, I propose we use the thread to compile ALL of Luke's remixes (not just "brand new" ones). I could also just piss off if you'd prefer, of course.




This one was new to me:


As was this one:


This one too:

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Anyone ever complied a comprehensive list of all the remixes? There's more than you think, and I have a hard time keeping a handle on them all because they're so spread across. A list would be good.

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