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New Extrawelt album out now.




Tracklist : 

CD / LP 
1. (A1) Extrawelt - Superposition 
2. (B1) Extrawelt - Gott Ist Schrott 
3. (B2) Extrawelt - Oddification 
4. (C1) Extrawelt - Gentle Venom 
5. (C2) Extrawelt - Das Große Flimmern 
6. (D1) Extrawelt - Silly Idol 
7. (D2) Extrawelt - Punch The Dragon 
8. (E1) Extrawelt - Fear Of An Extra Planet 
9. (F1) Extrawelt - The Friendly Coroner 
10. (F2) Extrawelt - 2084

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I can't recall for myself either, but it was back when we used to have a Grooveshark chatmm. Same person played Stephan Bodzin I think, also super good.

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    • By TRiP
      New Extrawelt album just dropped today, oh joy!

      Have not listened yet, shall do so now - as you all should
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