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I haven't heard anything but the radio version of "To The Moon And Back" with the cute air horn censor in it. I've usually listened to it with my kid in the back in the car on the commute home. My favorite part is that line "hey...remember me / I've been busy working like craaaazy" I get that specific part stuck in my head a lot. 

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It's a decent album. Only has a couple parts that I don't like. The first album had a continuity in it that is missing on this one.


Didn't stop me from buying a ticket to see her live, though.

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I adore this record. I don't really find myself comparing it to the first one because they are so different. I'm very happy about that fact. Some of the songs took longer than others to sink in but now i love the whole thing.


The first show of the tour was last night and all the pictures and videos i'm seeing look really exciting. It's definitely nothing like the final tour of the Knife, the vocals are all live and there is also live instrumentation. There were also a few songs from the first album mixed in. 
I'm so excited to catch this tour in Chicago!!!

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