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Nokuit - Patterns of Instability


Edition of 100
C45 White Cassette
4 Panel double-sided J-card Artwork


Available Now at WANNAMARCHI.CLUB: https://goo.gl/iP4bN2


NKT presents 'Patterns of Instability', a work of freeform experimental electronic music that moves through dense noise textures, visceral sound design and time-stopping ambient suites. Unfolding over 45 minutes, the new Nokuit album is an absorbing soundtrack probing the pervasive bewilderment of society. It’s a relentless journey where blurred melodies and abrasive soundscapes unsettle our most buried dissatisfactions and inner rebellions.

Swirling drones become a sonic lens which drifts and roams through the currents and threads within the contemporary landscape. Mingling amongst the town square demonstration, flipped upside down through the cameras into the news media rooms and editing suites, dragged up into helicopters looking down into streets and homes, then bounced across the globe by satellites floating in the atmosphere. Spam bots and malware, encryption data, analysis of YouTube uploads and text messages. Rather than focusing in on any specific geographical event, ‘Patterns of Instability’ takes a widescreen approach to our contemporary age of discontent and digs deep into timeless feelings of frustration.

Expanding the peculiar set of expressive tools built over precursor works ‘Analysis Paralysis’ and ‘Reality Disappears After Waking’, here Nokuit’s music reaches its most defined and highly evolved form yet. This is an observation on how we deal with and perceive our reality - whether or not we are in control of it - and our level of acceptance of the constant brainwashing that affects our lives. Each time Nokuit’s music faces the struggle from different angles and in ‘Patterns of Instability’ it zooms in on collective, political and individual battlefields.



Will soon also be available at:
Bleep (UK)
Boomkat (UK)
Forced Exposure (USA)
TESCO (Germany)
Waltz (Japan)
+ more to come





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"...melding dense, keening electronics with TV, Radio and YouTube samples to give a choking/absorbing, abstract/hyperrealistic and largely unsentimental perspective..." - Boomkat

"...endlessly morphing 50 minute sound collage of evocative, emotionally drawn out drones...." - Bleep


"...an abstract but very effective sound-score to a modern dystopian film..." - Noise Receptor

"...Even more mysterious is the mercurial rumble that spews from the magnetic tape, ever so often dotted with a recording of some bygone esoteric broadcast..." - The Alcohol Seed

NKT004 - Nokuit Patterns of Instability now available at Boomkat, Bleep, Juno, Forced Exposure, Waltz Tokyo, Experimedia, Tesco Germany, Iron Scourge, Black Psychosis.

Also available directly from us: https://wannamarchi.bandcamp.com/album/patterns-of-instability




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