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Testosterone levels


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Christian Bale is playing Dick Cheney in an upcoming movie. This makes it the 33279th time he has gained/lost tons of weight for a role. This is how you testosterone in higher quantities. 

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It's on--------


Wooow this nurse gurl injected the testosterone inside of me and she BIT HER LIP as she pushed the plunger And it was Hot As Fuck. So sexxual. Like Wow. I've sexed gurls up and itwas nothing like that. I don't like my dick getting wet, kinda just want to forget all about REal Sex. But this was like sex without genitals. Mad Sexual Tension.,,, Really(in my head). She took me inside this room,,,just the 2 of us,,,,asked me to come inside by making the handsign or What Ever (curling the index finger idunno the right wordss for it)....,she was horny as a mofo....then she started asking like take your pants off.,,,but not too quick,,,since i gotta first break the ampoule and all that...she started laying on the table with really well contoured back....all sexied up..she took my virginity u kno,,,,she said i cud choose maybe not to look when she would hit it...but i kno she was begging for me to look..she whispered in my ear,,kiss the sky nigga,,,damnnn she had so hot laugh..,

Whoa! Slow down. I think you need some fresh air.


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Can someone clarify for me? Is this a meme thread? 


Cheese are your t levels actually f'ed? Watmm is tough to decipher sometimes.


You can have one of my testicles if it means I'll stop growing 3" of hair on my back, per month.

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Wow yesterday i was out Shopping (peoples watching) and saw a Father and a Son.....they were shopping games for PlyStation or xbox whatever and the father asked his boy to close his eyes.....son agreed to close...then the father took a game off the shelf and said to his son that ok pls open your eyes.... and the son boy was so happy to see the game and wow


i think i might may be on my way to make some really Amber emotional idm in the future

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