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This one's an hour of dubstep then an hour of drum & bass.  The whole episode is about 80% original tracks, mostly unreleased.  Busted out the digital dubplates for the heads.


Autechre bootleg remix 32 minutes in.

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Some solid mixing and good tracks throughout (just heard the last one). I'm an AE fanboy all day but goddamn there's a lot of Autechre in there eh? Not a bad thing at all, just wasn't expecting so much lol

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Thanks for listening!  I went intentionally overboard on the heady sounds...


I usually go sparingly on the 'techre and keep it more dancey, but I though it'd be fun to have an occasional episode here & there that goes all-in with the challenging stuff.  This way the casuals can write those off those episodes and come back later for the "club hits", while the episodes also serve as potential red-pills for people who like psychedelic sound design in their EDM but have never dabbled in the top-shelf stuff.

It's basically an attempt at IDM evangelism that's also quarantined in case it scares the ravers, lol.

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