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Ravenmaster - In Memoriam


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BBC4 Ravenmaster - In Memoriam


Edition of 50

C11 clear cassette

Poppy Appeal lapel inc.


Available Now at WANNAMARCHI.CLUB: https://goo.gl/s8Pj1N.


Broken Britain Cassettes returns this Remembrance Day with an appropriately sombre debut release from shadowy composer Ravenmaster.  In Memoriam is an elegy for those lost to the great wars of the past as well as present day victims of increasingly obscured and convoluted conflict.

A side, War Memorial, is a mournful classical composition where clean orchestral instrumentation recalls the soundtracks of epic war films. Like the sites it is named after, the piece is soaked with the majestic devastation of world scale combat. The more intimate Poppy Appeal moves sideways in composition and concept. Within collaged elements and corroded, vaporous textures, Ravenmaster’s weeping strings swim around a spectral female voice appearing through the mist of radio waves.

Solemn and evocative, the latest missive from Broken Britain Cassettes continues the project whilst pushing at its perimeter and pulling on its heart strings.




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