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WATMM Secret Santa 2017

Soloman Tump

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Glad the second wave is finally being sorted!


I opened this thread in November, set a deadline for December 1st of joining...

Maybe if we start next years Secret Santa on August 1st, everyone will get something in time for Crimbo day?


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I should be able to join the fun this year after a few years off (srrys).


August lol probably a safe bet tbh. Or let's just start now. =p

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My massive haul included:


Guide to breastfeeding (in VHS)

Some old cornish holiday pin badges

A mini human bust made from plastic that comes to bits to teach about the brain and its various layers

Merry Wombling Christmas 7" vinyl

An Air Raid Precautions handbook from the 1940s

An old school kaleidoscope

A pop-up ghost house book that I actually remember having when I was a kid! Fond memories haha


Also a couple of lush planet mu 7" singles and an aphex twin fidget spinner.

haha so lucky, much feels





I got in the post separately a 300 piece cat jigsaw puzzle.  I was informed by my secret santa that it was not from him... did anyone else send it me? Random AF

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Got hold of my secretions at last


lol @ folk compilation, looks like a sampling gold mine. Is this because I posted some shit about hornpipes in the folk music thread?


Book looks like quite a laugh, it's written in a mock Old English style. I get a kick out of "alternative history" type languages - with a friend I once wrote (or tried to write. It was truly shit) poetry in an imagined Welsh + Old English mongrel language, inspired by growing up on the borders. The author used to write monumentally bleak environmental articles for the Guardian


My wife will love it too. She's a historian and studied the survival of old paganism in folk practices across europe. Sounds like it touches on that too


Many thanks to my secret secreter (who may or may not dwell in oxfordshire)

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The Krampus print didn't turn out as well as hoped. The Wake is a glorious book but with the folk tunes too there were fears that it might seem like 'Secret Santa - The Brexit Edition' hence the ridiculous lollipop. Sorry it was late mate.

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