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London Modular Alliance - Wolves EP

Rubin Farr

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    • By dcom
      Stellar steps slightly aside from his mostly electro output to release a varied six-tracker of moody but mindful melodies and rhythms. Highly recommended.
    • By dcom
      Third and last Generative Operations release from Boris Divider, sparse and minimalistic designer electro - hints of early Sleeparchive, Monolake, Anthony Rother, even some Autechre. Extremely highly recommended.
      Check out some of Divider's earlier albums, too.

    • By dcom
      Another amazing Nebulae V/A compilation EP, continuing on the path of showcasing excellence. Top-shelf electro and breaks, atmospheric, acidic, melodic and emotive from artists known and unknown. Very highly recommended, enough so to warrant posting here instead of my out-of-the-way blog.
    • By auxien
      title track on this one goes hard

      Variants EP is my fave of these two, tight and thick little EP
    • By dcom
      Previews for tomorrow's Bandcamp Friday drop, Finland in full effect; Recue's remix is brilliant. Highly recommended.
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