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On 5/20/2023 at 7:14 AM, usagi said:

I've been thinking these same thoughts the last few days, namely how insurmountable a task it seems to convey complex thoughts and feelings wholly and accurately and to have them be received and understood completely by another human being. one thing I do know: premeditating on it doesn't get you very far - once you start, it gets easier, even if it is messy along the way. I'm also approaching 40 and about to return to extended psych sessions for the nth time, which is what precipitated these thoughts.

You're most definitely right about premeditating not being helpful and it does get easier and you sort of make peace with the mess or whatever. Good luck with the psych, I do feel that the older I get and the more psychs I've seen the more potential there is to benefit from each cycle (or whatever one might name it). Cheers man, it's really good to get a heartfelt response when throwing something into the void like that.

Sorry if getting too sappy here.


On 5/20/2023 at 11:43 AM, cruising for burgers said:

I feel the same... people don’t laugh at my jokes but laugh at my mundane conversations... and I'm often misunderstood... I ramble all the iterations of a past/future conversation and it really doesn't make a diference because in the heat of the moment I'm just 'what u see is what u get'...and all this ramble inside my head is way more unbearable than the irl convertations... yeah and laughing about other people jokes, almost impossible... most of my team is very patronizing and that's something I can't pretend... making new friends? right... don't count on me for that unless I'm working 24/7 whit a person who doesn't slack...

solution: acting like a sociopath

Through what I've gleaned through your watmm persona you really seem like a stand-up dude, I could never sustain myself let alone thrive somewhat in the working environment you're in. I've worked in AV for 6 years or so in my twenties and it was ok but it was on land and being able to work with a greater diversity of peeps and seeing like-minded people in my free time made all the difference. Keep that sociopath flag flying high!

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