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Your pointless thoughts & observations

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I'm awoken from sleep by a message telling me trump's got the covid. Get more celebratory messages from friends, wake up, make myself a nice cup of espresso, go to my home office spot and I'm greeted

I still don't know the story behind the burger reaction and i feel extremely left out... 

I've noticed a pattern of emoticon solidarity in reply reactions.  1 burger tends to lead to multiple burgers, 1 Farnsworth tends to lead to multiple Farnsworths, and so on, and so on.  Also popular i

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it's that way to the farm homeboy 


that's right take a look inside that big silo, it's full of homeboys wanting to kiss your ass and feet


oh dear it's full of frothing agricultural toxic liquid muck


speaking of feet here's my size 10 foot



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might casually pop over to a political thread 


blast my foul stinking piss which smells like cider vinegar and the septic trench of a poultry farm all over that


but then again this is a totally pointless thread so I may just have a cup of tea and watch Antiques Roadtrip instead


at the end of the day, it's just totally pointless

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I didn't care much for my observation so I wrote this instead.


i observed your post and found it pointless. carry on.



I've observed your response and found it pointless as well.


Pls mark as best answer*

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A Magical Fappening Pokémon Go Fuck Yourself nasty sweaty mess of a nerd orgy in a public space as you walk down the street drinking coffee. Jazz is playing unusually loudly from an unknown location and children walk mini-giraffes on leashes while eating cotton candy. A woman resembling Lucille Ball speaks at a podium, gnawing hungrily on a fried turkey leg as sirens build in the distance. A man and his dog begin vomiting and a solar eclipse occurs 5.5 years early as the ground begins to give way.

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