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I literally just woke up from a dream in which I was pissing in the street whilst waiting for my morning coffee order outside my usual place. wtf. I had a vague sense of shame after the act which then intensified into "holy shit I just pissed in the street wtf" and then I woke up and felt a surge of relief. and then had to go piss because my bladder was bursting.

pissing is p idm I guess.

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wait FUCKi just remembered that like every posed photo of my dad from the 80s has him doing this weird clenched jaw "wacky fake intense" facial expressionmy dad was a chubby dude with a patchy beardmy dad was obsessed with sci-fi & fantasy novelsmy dad worked in a STEM fieldmy dad seemed to take a lot of pride in being an intellectual type who didn't act like a stereotypical dudebroguys my fuckin dad's a numale

Ye my dad was this in the 60s n 70s,. But then later I found photos of him with white flares on beside a swimming pool... Among other things, caught him out on so many fucking things

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Awwww, I think it's time for a very special vattem spectrum christmas group hug!




No seriously. Get in (in a non sexual way of course).


*hugs awkwardly while avoiding eye and body contact*

*Compulsively edits post*

Edited by Gocab
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Isn't captain morgan's black spiced rum just a ripoff of the kraken? How did they get away with that? Similar bottle shape (absent the victorian style handles on Kraken), black/white label (same as kraken), and same ABV @ 47%. 



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Fuck, I feel disgusted that I actually put that link up for a minute. What have I become. I need to get right with Jesus (my man). To that girl, if you're reading this... your dance wasn't stupid in the slightest and I'm sure it made Jesus very happy.


Real talk though (that's right - Real Talk™), I'm gonna take a break from the internet, starting today, starting right now. It's been in the pipeline for quite some time and this feels like and appropriate time to start. Can't let this kind of lewdness fly for any longer. For the sake of dancing teenage Christian girls. But also my own. I need to start getting shit done. Stagnating big time in life. The Hexagon Bros were right. The internet is evil. It's out of control.


I won't stop using the web altogether, I'll just stop surfing it for a while. As in, I'll stop checking websites just to see "what's up". I do this with a bunch of URLs like forum.WATMM.com multiple times a day for no reason. Ok, I'm allowing myself to check each URL once a week but that's it. Visits exceeding this one-time quota are allowed when I'm driven by some kind of predetermined agenda, like watching an instructional Youtube video to gather certain information, or uploading an instructional Youtube video to distribute certain information. Also, I'm not just departing from internet browsing, I'm departing from the whole sitting-at-the-computer-all-day-deal. No vidya gaem either. I'll try to get outside more. As much as possible, in fact. In fact, as a matter of it - the fact - I might even move outside eventually. #YOLO, my men. My IDM niggas. #YOLO.



She was honestly pretty good. Very fluid, dynamic movements. Excellent muscle control. Regardless of her appearance. To reinforce the whole point of my previous post, my initial impulse to focus on checking "them goods" out when she appeared on a computer screen was due to the degenerated clickety-click-internet-infested mindset and the association with routinely inspecting pornographic content that way. I stopped as soon as I caught myself out for being so unchristian. (I don't actually aspire to be Christian but I don't condone misplaced lewd behavior either.) Also I restored my avatar to mirukawa to represent this newfound uncomputational awakening.


pin this post joypapa

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