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px2 is a banger! 

Like Alan Ord said, the sound design is super cool. What DAW did you use to make this, if you don't mind me asking? :)



Well, since my computer is quite old and I'm broke as fuck right now, I've been trying different softwares for a while. Sometimes I use Renoise as a sampler and send midi messages to it via SuperCollider, record those messages into the tracker, sometimes Numerology to sequence the samples, which were made via basic modular synth (2 osc, 2 adsr, vca, lpg, noise modules), that I've just sold to pay the rent. When I finish a track, I send it to a patch in good old Audiomulch. I use it like a filter/compressor/tape deck.

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Some of the best WATMM'er music that I've ever heard. Truly next level


EDIT: Open up a bandcamp, I want to throw $ at you

Hey, thanks! I actually have a bandcamp, but didn't upload anything, now I'm uploading. In fact, I've always wanted to use bandcamp. I think it's interface is so much better than Soundcloud's. So here you go: https://ufer.bandcamp.com/album/px



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