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DEFUNKT Prefix [12.15]


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DEFUNKT is excited to present Prefix - an electronic music takeover and pre-festival meetup. Join us for an evening of sights and sounds from artists across the US alongside local Texas talent.


Featuring sets by:


  • Vytear
  • Mopfunk
  • Five Step Path
  • wahrk
  • Midi Fister
  • Yakul






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Was boss af. Everyone killed it. Seriously good. Most of the Defunkt crew lost to their shit to Five Step Path's set.


Also, Snares, John Frusciante, and Richard Devine were in the house for a bit. ?


Bummer that Vytear couldn't make it.


There's some scattered footage on Facebox. If I can remember, I'll try to wrangle some of the vids to share them here.

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No worries m8: this year was unusual in that Day for Night itself wasn't even the main draw. It was Ubering to strange lands to rub shoulders with IDM elites that really made it fun. It's just too bad that these Defunkt lineups weren't here last year.

I don't know. Did you look at last year's lineup? It was pretty fucking good.

Edited by wahrk
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Didn’t even recognize Frusciante Friday. Isn’t he a huge afx fan?

or posted in enough time for me to know to get my ass over there goddamit


fuck ass shit


damn fuck


mother ass

I already have strong feelings that next years lineup is gonna be insane.


I believe he was spotted at Squarepuhser @ bangface weekender 08

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yep this whole weekend was absolutely insane. thanks to you all who came out, and to those who did not i highly recommend trying to make it next year! Defunkt is the best thing to happen to the underground scene in a long time, imo  :music:

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