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Champions League 2017-2018

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Don’t know why there wasn’t a topic started earlier.

Round of 16 draws look tasty. Only see two real easy draws (Bayern and Citeh). Otherwise some tasty matches that should see us (united), Liverpool, and Roma through, but not easily. Then three really tasty draws with Chelsea-Barca, PSG-Madrid, and Spurs-Juve.

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innit, can't keep the ball & flattering the opposition essentially, when did Nzonzi look this good for Stoke?


you might expect them to do a bit more than this even away from home, but a 0-0 away would suit Utd


McManaman's commentary & accent are like paint stripper, had to turn it off

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wwow united are boring


there is a saying in my country "Sleep with children, wake up with a wet bed", in this case Mourinho is the children and the wet bed is boring football.

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this article is fucking disgusting. classic lolverpool.


"In an era of agents’ fees and expected goals it was a reminder of what football should be about"


jfc yeah only liverpool have the right kind of fans and are definitely not part of the over-commercialization of football. in any way. barf.


anyway they looked great yesterday and very happy they beat city

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Have you just summoned caze?

Along with that article, the number of times Glenn "I've never seen a sausage roll I could say no to" Hoddle just about had an on-screen orgasm gushing over the "all-England midfield" of Liverpool was verging on X-rated.


I didn't understand Guardiola's selections for the starting XI, leaving out Sterling (who as much as I dislike as a player, has been very good for city this season) and including Gundogan (much poorer defensive work rate) and Kompany (has barely played this season) were shocking decisions.


Trent-Alexander Arnold owned Sane though, full props to the youngster. It's most likely cause his nan dated Fergie at one point in time.


Also, that Ronaldo goal is going down as a CL classic. Beautiful in every aspect.

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What a great QF round. the semis look tasty as well. Roma-Liverpool and Bayern/Real. I still think Real is going to win it all, but Bayern will prove a tough test.


I have no idea who will win the Liverpool-Roma tie - it really depends on which team shows up for each of them. They can both play great football, but both are susceptible to tremendous gaffes. Slight edge to Liverpool maybe, but only slight.

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gutted for Juve, that penalty was the epitome of a diving farce


not a Red but really hope Liverpool make the final, it'll be tough & just hope it doesnt get settled like the Real/Juve game, tournament is better than shit like that


considering all the money being thrown around the PL, Klopp has done really well & his team could go all the way, but if they get past Roma & Real being Real, a few envelopes have prob already been passed round


football is (hopefully) the winner



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lol, bipartisan goggles suit you Sir, i certainly wouldnt call Van Djik a flop


from other angles it looked like the Real bloke was anticipating contact & went down just a fraction early, just enough to buy the win, you can see it in this clip too a fraction b4 the contact he's already falling, the defender's swinging leg makes it look worse


all's fair in love & CL knockouts, but people some times forget, particularly in this day and age, that football's still an actual contact sport


may the best team win & thats probably gonna be Real although that pen is already a chunk of luck

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I wouldn't all VVD a flop either, just saying that Liverpool spent a lot and will continue to do so.


I'm all for contact remaining in football, but that's a push in the back with a follow through on the leg - yes he's trying to play the ball, but he misses, hence the foul given.

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fake news, aka agree to disagree in a post-truth world, that was a tickle in the Keane/Souness school of magic


was flitting back n forth between that game & hell realms of work deadline, it was almost scripted when the game goes as far as 97mins, that was proper oooooph, only Real get that kinda luck, 97mins is even beyond Fergie time


4 quality teams, both semi-f's and the final should be mint

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I won’t disagree with that. Game’s changed, innit.

Also agreed on the quality of the teams. Hoping the semi-finals are half as good as the quarter-finals. We were spoiled with that round.

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Liverpool should see off Roma, although their traveling fans could be in for a v v rough ride, message boards are leaking a sizable firm will liaise w/Lazio, really hope it passes off as peacefully as possible & Salah gets a couple more for Roma's eejuts putting a 50+yr old scarfer in ICU


if L'pool can do the 2nd-semi justice, the final could be a classic no matter who you support

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Liverpool don't have a sizable firm anymore, just shit stirring by the Italian press AFAICT. They've been at it for days now.


Big week for Liverpool now, should be into the CL final, and even a draw with Chelsea after that will cement CL for next season, which would be a very successful season regardless of what happens in the final. Still time for it to go horribly wrong though.

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aka every pecker idiot in Burberry/Stone Island from various clubs are trying to get in 1 last showdown b4 the world cup this summer, they dont fancy the FSB @ home, so this is their big chance to make a statement abroad


not condoning it, to the contrary, hope it goes by as peacefully as possible & you 2-1 Real in the final....i mean have you seen Ronaldo's barnet recently?


for that haircut alone, make it 2-1 in extra time, just so i can see the cunt crying live on't telly

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