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Champions League 2017-2018

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his foul on Salah changed the game, to be fair up until that you played all the football


after Ramos cunted up the gaff everyfing went RM's way, equally Bale's 1st goal was divine


Mane had a v v good game, dodgy keepers doe

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It wasn't just the foul on Salah with Ramos, he also got away with elbowing Karius in the head, and repeatedly dived trying to get Firmino booked, eventually succeeding. Utter cunt.


Mané was great. The back four were superb as well (especially both full-backs, and Lovren surprisingly), and Milner and Henderson were decent. Once Salah left though we struggled, Lallana hasn't had a chance to get up to speed all season so he was unlikely to make an impact, and aside from that all we had was Solanke and a similarly unfit Can.


Hopefully we can get a decent keeper for next season now, Donnarumma or Allison would be good.


Nabil Fekir seems likely to be announced soon as well.


One thing I'm worried about is that we don't seem to be looking for another striker. Firmino has been outstanding all season, but it wasn't working for him last night and ideally we'd have a top class alternative on the bench rather than an Ings or a Solanke (who I think we should still hang onto for a while, he's young and could turn out to be useful).

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