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What are your plans, resolutions, goals for 2018?


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1. cum less often

2. cum more in total quantity

whenever i go more than a couple of weeks without cumming i start feeling rly asexual. if it goes for more than two months i start feeling like an alien who's about to detach from the human experience altogether & basically have to force myself to crack one out. there definitely is this feeling of calmness that comes with it but ime it's outweighed by the feeling of something being not quite right



you might be addicted/dependent on porn, presuming you're not talking about getting laid here

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presuming you're not talking about getting laid here

i am. i seem to start losing interest in sexuality in any capacity very easily, solo or otherwise. as mentioned recently (either in this thread or elsewhere, can't recall) it's fairly common that i'll just straight up get bored having sex & go off to work on music//work out instead


sometimes i start to suspect i might actually be asexual in some capacity but then someone will go & get me all riled up so idunno. and there is that general feeling even when i'm deep in the ace zone of "something's not right here, something's blocked". have gone months at a time without seeking sexual imagery, periods of seeking it out regularly, periods of having regular actual sex, periods of basically being a monk...doesn't seem to make a huge difference :[

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no nut 2018. Let's do this. Together we will conquer this. No nut 2018. Make it happenr

achieve autofellative capability and finally sever any bonds I might have with collective humanity.

12 months of edging

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- purge and de-clutter possession / prep house for next kiddo

- get my SIT certification - which means lot of studying and schedule discipline

- focusing on hobbies: getting my tape label back on track, home projects, writing, digitizing old tapes and other music stuff, etc.


- change the oil in my car, lol

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*I'm going to add dress sharper to my list.


*Midlife criiiiiisiiiiis*

Me too!


Lol, both my boss and waifu asked me (independently) yesterday to step up my image. ugh, khakis and golf tees and fedoras or what?

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dress shabbier, wear things purely for comfort & utility (sweatpants & hoodies), own less clothing, see if i can wear it longer without having to wash it


stop buying clothes & start making them by gathering up the empty boxes behind pizza pizza & assembling them into armour using bits of leftover cheese

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Yeah, lol. If I decide to go with that quit the job and travel plan it's going to be either hiking boots and cargo pants or shorts and sandals combined with t-shirts and hoodies for the rest of the year.


It's not that I dress so neatly for my job anyway. Jeans and a t-shirt is fine..

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Try somehow to stop my job from dominating every facet of my life, and stop it from taking up time that I could spend with my wif and kid. 


Also, try somehow to convince my wife to flog off some of her formidable yarn and fabric stashes

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- Find a new job
- Complain less
- Leave AK for good (maybe)
- Vote on Nov 6th
- Lose weight (maybe)
- Start making music again
- Play Phoenix Point and the NDS System Shock remaster once they're released

Talk is cheap tho.

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make/find original memes


adopt a doggo


lose 30 lbs


yoga my back


ride bike long rides again


find optimum healthy level of social interaction for still being able to do all the shit i like to do

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