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[Various artists] TEFOSAV Aggregation Project 0x000B


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TEFOSAV Aggregation Project 0x000B: Content 2017 

Congratulations fair traveler, you have made it to the end of the next level, sit for a while by the fireplace, rest your weary legs... and listen to some music from our TEFOSAVian party as you wipe the sweat from your weary brow. We were all expecting Bags of Holding, and Vorpal Blades as drops, we got something else instead. Your coming trip will be fairer and less full of trolls guarding bridges, but perhaps a little more sedate would be better given our last few years of adventuring. 

As you reach out into 2018, please take this artifact with you, which represents a year of output from various TEFOSAVians' interface with their computational devices. We shall see you at the exit of the next level to hear your coming tales, and share some of our own. 

- For more electronic music and itinerant musicians from around the globe, see www.tefosav.com
released December 20, 2017 

- Thanks to Pselodux and FuncRand(m) for the album art. 
- Thanks to the TEFOSAVians for the music. 
- Thanks to FuncRand(m) for curating the release.




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