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Will BOC Release A New Album?


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selfishly, this would be a really great year for an album but really, any year would be. just feels like there's alot going on in the world right now (understatement) and it would help bring some escape. I love TH to death but i'd really go for something with a more uplifting vibe, yet really strange. Somewhere in between Geogaddi and TCH maybe. "Nothing is Real" is an example of a track that has that effect. 

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These two really need to make BoC interesting again. Put a little effort into making Boards of Canada being brilliant. I’m tired of represses, tired of t-shiirts and tired of prints. And tired of getting some cult fix from twoism, which really putting it politely isn’t my cup of tea.


Hopefully soon they’ll be come out all guns blazing from Hexagon Sun. I just can’t believe they are going to wallow forever.


Let’s fucking have it!

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Who was that geezer who did the ultimatum?


Some dragon bloke?? Hah. Definitely Dragon something. Yeah well I’m a fucking Wolf and unlike dragons, A Wolf is fucking real beast!!


Ahhh I’m gonna wake up in the morning and break out into a cold sweat.


BoC really need to fucking sort it out. Hahah!

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