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1. Blamstrain - South Of The Border
2. Markus Mehr - Duck Became Swan
3. Pleq - First to Fall (Giulio Aldinucci Remix)
4. Eigenheimer - Gene Zijde
5. Illl - The Flamboyant Tree
6. Tomonari Nozaki - Phosphorescent Waves
7. Olga Wojciechowska - All These Worlds Are Yours
8. Confessor - Ghosts
9. Hecq - Devotion
10. Net - Diplopod Dance
11. BLN & Roel Funcken - Aven
12. Oberman Knocks - Bicker Left Flack
13. Triple Sun - Vieques
14. Somfay - Delta Song
15. ADJ - Love
16. Ard Bit - Whisperings
17. Gigi Masin - London
18. The Green Kingdom - 85 Ambimix
20 artists join in to aid in the reconstruction effort after Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico in conjunction with the charity "Friends of Puerto Rico”. 
All proceeds go directly to Friends of Puerto Rico, they bridge between education and cultural communities in Puerto Rico and its diaspora and are actively raising funds that invest in communities that support educational, cultural and development programs in Puerto Rico.


As part of the organization’s commitment, 100% of the donations received for the Hurricane Maria Recovery Fund will be to invest to rebuild Puerto Rico through the thirteen centres managed by the Boys & Girls Clubs in Puerto Rico.

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