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As always, really appreciate all your feedback and comments in every form. 


I'll keep all my tracks to this one thread like others have  :music:


I'm working on my first full length and this is the latest track I've finished. I hope you enjoy.



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i like your use of samples and synth work. it might be down to the reduced bitrate of SoundCloud streaming but i think a less lo-fi sounding kick would work better in the track. i like pretty much everything but the kick actually. songwriting is good.

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Thank you for you comments that's really kind! Link me to some of your tracks in return. 


Yes, the WAV sounds a lot better to me than the stream :(


Yeah I made the kick from a self recorded sample and had to process it a hell of a lot to sit well. I do think it dominates the mix.


I'm reluctant to change it out now as the track is made entirely from my own sounds and I'm sick of the track. I'll deffo keep that comment in mind when I come round to mixing the full album though so cheers. Shouldn't be too hard to change it up really.  :beer:

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