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Chris Moss Acid

Lo-Fi House Vol.IV - V - VI

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Vol.IV (20th January)
1.LFHT12 (The Wizard of Meudon)
2.LFHT13 (Dirt)
3.LFHT14 (Pump It)
Vol.V (24th January) 
4.LFHT15 (U Got Trouble)
5.LFHT16 (Viollet-le-Duc Acid)
6.LFHT17 (いい加減にして)
7.LFHT18 (Viollet-le-Duc Acid Part 2)
Vol.IV (27th January)
8.LFHT19 (Out of UR Mind)
10.LFHT21 (3rd Place in the SH-101 Bass line Championships)
11.LFHT22 (5/4 Sludge)
12.LFHT23 (TV Acid)
13 LFHT24 (Reverb String)
The Lo-Fi House Hexalogy EP's
Vol.I - https://chrismossacid.bandcamp.com/album/lo-fi-house-ep
Vol.II - https://chrismossacid.bandcamp.com/album/lo-fi-house-vol-ii 
Vol.III - https://chrismossacid.bandcamp.com/album/lo-fi-house-vol-iii
Vol.IV - https://chrismossacid.bandcamp.com/album/lo-fi-house-vol-iv-2
Vol.V - https://chrismossacid.bandcamp.com/album/lo-fi-house-vol-v
Vol.VI - https://chrismossacid.bandcamp.com/album/lo-fi-house-vol-vi
All tracks by Chris Moss Acid
Recorded all in one take:
TB-303//SH-101//TR707//MPC1000//Boss SE70
Recorded from January 3rd - January 17th 2018 
keep up to date: 
FB - facebook.com/chrismossacid303 
SC - soundcloud.com/chrismossacid 
Twit - twitter.com/vulcanboogie 
DJ - www.mixify.com/djchrismossacid 
Web - chrismossacid.kaen.org 
Merch - www.redbubble.com/people/smoj/portfolio
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The strobe lights are making it really hard to find the toilets & some obese iguana in raybans & moonboots keeps trying for a peek up my skirt, 10/10

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