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Ruby My Dear - Brame

Soloman Tump

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Ruby My Dear’s new album is a joyful organic mess peppered with shouts, rustles and bleats. It is dense and lively, mixing opera singing and metal screaming. Using real instruments, Ruby My Dear takes you through a brutal fantasy at the margins of breakcore, where jazz meets hunting horn meets classical music. Following on from Maigre, Brame goes further to create a new teeming and mind-blowing world, in which Ruby My Dear invited talented artists like Igorrr (guitars & mastering), Laure Le Prunenec (vocals) and Anthony Miranda from Pryapisme (flute). Brame will be out on January 30th on PRSPCT.

Featuring : Igorrr (Metal Blade), Laure Le Prunenec (Igorrr, Corpo Mente), Anthony Miranda (Priapisme), Jules Ribis (Sec), MC Noia, Emilie Chick.



Sounds fucking ace.
Razor sharp and slightly humorous samples and massive attention to detail and banging.

Everything I wanted from RMD!



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I've enjoyed most of his output through the years but he really seems to be hitting new levels lately. 


Sometimes I just need some good ole' amenry/breaky goodness and his stuff hits the spot.

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Cool, wasn’t really feeling this from the first preview track with the opera vocals posted some time back.


But after streaming it this sounds like a never released Tep LP. Frantic cartoony goofy breakcore! A sound not many have achieved.

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Holy shit . That track Anenome is amazing .. best thing I have heard in a little while . It appeals to both my Br00tal and esoteric itches at once . Still haven't heard anything on this tho that I prefer to Donald from his last EP


Top notch

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Interesting . I was just thinking that this stuff is very Pattonish ... I thought of the word Bunglecore ... then at 1:58 on the track Spectacle you can hear the tiniest sample from Fantomas's first album when Patton is doing his scat vocals

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