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James Blake - If The Car Beside You Moves Ahead


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surely in 2018 people can find more interesting things to do w/vocals than that shit.  BT did more interesting things to vocals when he produced back street boys in the 90s or whenever that was. 


really.. c'mon. nice video though.. but why does it make me feel like someone read a bunch of reviews and articles about burial on pitchfork then made a video narration of them?

I'm sure he's a nice young man.



he's no ed sheeran

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Yeah I'm not sure what to make of this.


I'm not sure what would make someone want to listen to something that sounds like a manic schizophrenic episode with all kinds of random (really really bad) vocal samples of "fake feels" being triggered nonstop. It's like an epileptic Burial.

Actually wait, is it all done "ironically" and it just went way over my head?

 i was surprised how many watmmer enjoyed that track and i thought wait a minute no negative comment so far only praise something is wrong here ! and then i read your post lol

oh and btw i´ve listened to this track already 35 times !

What? It's the epitomy of normie, completely cliche use of vocal samples. This shit is used CONSTANTLY in mainstream "EDM".

pls post an edm track which sounds similiar to the new james blake song

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no u




lol Really though, almost every mainstream EDM track has those type of vocal samples. 


I think I'd rather listen to skrillex ;O



This type of music (+ burial etc) is so incredibly cookie cutter, the feelings and angst sound so contrived, manufactured feels. I really don't understand it. It's music for high school or something.

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Bulk, I started to look up to you in terms of bait, but this was just weak!




lol It's not bait. This is shitty music. 


Belongs in a playlist with coldplay and nickleback and smashing pumpkins greatest hits, that's really all it is - cookie cutter pretend angst for the 201X years.

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Anyways, you guys enjoy. 


Anytime I try and understand why some people like things like this I have to remind myself that for some people Justin Bieber is music god. Some people like shitty things I guess.



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james blake, he's no gwen stefani



edit: it's better after a couple listens. that middle part where he speaks in a normal voice is what saves it some.  i still find the vocal edits a bit lazy though they, strangely,  sound more interesting after a couple listens.. comes through a little better.  the rest of the track is nice though.. but i'll never get beyond the vocals. 

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dude's trying to make a living.. i'm not gonna beat him up too bad for it.  singing is hard. he's good. 


still find the vocal edits a bit stale and feeling like when autotune overuse was peaking hard... i get the explanation that he's not wanting to overwhelm/challenge the audience too hard or something and maybe the rest of the album is a different thing but maybe he just likes it that way. whatevs.  [looks at modular synth on table]

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he uses pitchshifted vocals and pitched samples, this sounds like any other shit edm song, this is shit guys and belongs in a greatest hits playlist next to nickleback and smashing pumpkins

i don't know how anyone can listen to this SHIT, they have shit taste, id rather listen to skrillex

opn, burial, james blake, it's just boring shit, they use pitchifted vocals man just like justin bieber

i'm on a idm forum i'm not a closed minded NUN

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like this very much. i've never listened to james blake before. i always thought he was the same person as james blunt until right now. better check out more of him!

anyway just want to say the chorus vocal glitch stutter use in this is rad. at first it sounded like "oh yeah a glitch plugin cool alright..." to me, but later became an emotionally integral part of the song in the same way the vox messing around on Everything in its Right Place does. OR SOMETHINg.


edit:just to get all defensive, it doesnt quite sound cliched to me but im fully underexposed to edm or whatever popular things (have never heard skrillex either haha) so what it sounded like to me was a pop music guy (i was still thinking about james blunt) slightly ineptly messing with sound manipulation, and the ineptness gave it some charm. just like when i first heard kid a. :D

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