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*Post your Soundcloud/Bandcamp*

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bruh, i luh that you have implemented this feature, this shit puts a little rainbow in my heart, not having browsed here in over 2 years due to a lack of internet cuz broke, i didn't even notice that

dang, that last post is gonna be tuff 2 follow! so, i've mostly published ambient under the name Ourson for the past 15 years, but only recently have i begun to post my beat work. i'm sure some o

This is me:    ...but all of my tracks are ‘private’ bc I don’t what someone to steal my melodies!? Enjoy!?

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all in my signature. i need more spotify streams i do. made $5.30 from streams in russia so far this year. at about $0.0017 per stream that means i’m huge in russia.

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Going to check out everyones stuff on here, some names I recognise, others not so much, which is a good thing. 


https://soundcloud.com/606303 - Techno, IDMz, Braindance, Acid stuff. 


https://soundcloud.com/sacquielmataton - Piano 


https://midievil-records.bandcamp.com - IDM label, looking to release new decent music

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These type of threads come and go throughout time, I wonder if anyone besides the original posters ever check out the submissions? 

Perhaps Joyrex can create an artist links/page-tab-hub for all us non-freemason lower tier ekters ;) , a place for a pic, link, short bio etcetera. Lots of talented folks here, but these type of threads are hard to filter if for example I'd like to listen to drum & bass influenced stuff, not acid etc. 


Or people add a description, tag their links with genres to give an impression of what to expect  :cisfor: . 

or at least, pin it.




I'll go ahead and pin it.

Problem is pinned threads are often overlooked, but let's give it a shot :)

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what kind of sick dossier are you putting together here? whats your endgame?


what do you know about george washington carver?

The Meow Mix isn't cutting it anymore, the CIA needs new gear to torture those prisoners.

Somebody say Meow Mix?


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