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Electronic Brew Records - Singles Collection Vol. I (Feb. 11th 2018)


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Pre-order is up now.


Listen, pre-order, etc--



[bandcamp width=300 height=470 album=1924344853 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false]


1.Mylamine - Cthrna  (EBR-8)
2.Mylamine - Epitaph  (EBR-7)

3.Mylamine - Dacia  (EBR-6)
4.Mylamine - Cty Nght (EBR-5)
5.Mylamine - Love Infinite (EBR-4)
6.Mylamine - Plateau (EBR-3)
7.Mylamine - Left Behind 03:32 (EBR-2)
8.Mylamine - Formless 02:17 (EBR-1)





Some info via Bandcamp


"With the release of our 8th single "Cthrna"
This is the first installment of
'Electronic Brew's Singles Collection'.


Through the year we release one single every couple months.
When we gather eight, we release a physical copy or "Collection".
This music ranges from all forms of Electronic Music


Goal is not only to release music we love,
but music that comes from the soul.
Genres, tastes, styles, will not be an issue.
Just good thought-provoking music.


Label Contact: electronicbrew@gmail.com
Submissions welcome.


releases February 11, 2018



electronic, house, idm, dance, downtempo"

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