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Latest compact disc purchase.


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Boredoms - Super Roots (1993) Noise/space rock/sound collage from one of my favourite bands, Boredoms. One of their least accessible albums but one that holds a special place in my heart, in part because it's from an era in which they produced most of the music I like of theirs, a period which also includes their albums Pop Tatari and Chocolate Synthesizer, the live album Wow 2, and the earliest recordings of the group's side project UFO Or Die.

Voice of Eye - Transmigration (1995) Dark ambient/tribal ambient from an amazing duo who have been doing their thing since the early 90s (and were in a group together before that) who are largely distinctive for not using any electronic instruments. Transmigration is a concept album of sorts about reincarnation (which is sometimes referred to as the transmigration of souls) which you can tell from some of the song titles referencing some of the bardos of the Tibetan Book of the Dead.

Nikos Veliotis & Klaus Filip - Slugabed (2010) Electroacoustic improvisation from a Greek cellist (Veliotis) and an Austrian (Filip) making computerised sounds who is probably best known for his sine waves making a gorgeous drone together. Released on Taku Unami's legendary (within the scene) label, hibari. Cute artwork of a donkey or horse man drunkenly asleep at the bar, too.

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Some techno...
Prototype 909 - Joined at the Head (1997)
Ben Klock - One (2009)
ScanX - Chroma (1996)
Cristian Vogel - Busca Invisibles (1999)

some harsh noise...
Cosmic Coincidence Control Center - Recorded Live At Broken Life Festival, Taipei, Taiwan September 9th 1995

and some electroacoustic improvisation...
Günter Müller with Alan Courtis, Pablo Reche, Sergio Merce, Gabriel Paiuk ‎- Buenos Aires Tapes (2009)

(which are incidentally three of my favourite musical genres)

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2 hours ago, ascdi said:

Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci — Gorky 5

I never got into them but always heard their name, how would you recommend getting into them if not chronologically?

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43 minutes ago, splesh said:

Is that a new recording of this? https://www.discogs.com/Tom-Johnson-The-Chord-Catalogue-All-The-8178-Chords-Possible-In-One-Octave/release/628040 But on an 808?! (Rudimentary Peni rules, too, good choice)



At it for over 20 years now, and showing no signs of inquisitive inertia, EVOL’s Roc Jiménez and Stephen Sharp practically eat, sleep and pee electronic music at its purest, playful, and uncompromising. On ‘The Chord Catalogue For Eight-O-Eight’ they follow intensive interrogations on a plethora of pre-sets such as mentasms and 303s with two hour-long tracts of perpetual 808 chronics, arranging the purely percussive palette in a richly pleasing, pointillist cadence that, quite brilliantly, does not know when to let up. Depending where you stand on their - to our ears amazing - megamix of bars from acid classics, ‘Ideal Megamix’ or the likes of their jack trax for Diagonal, you’ve either stopped reading by now or will be jumping on it with energy.



To get conceptual, the 2hour+ piece is based on a 1986 Fluxus style composition by Tom Johnson, which demands the player plays all the chords possible in 1 octave of a piano; all 8178 of ’em. Applied to the 808 - the backbone of electronic dance music - and its 16 different voices, EVOL’s work utilises some 65,519 chords in an unyielding gush of percolated drums in a perfectly obsessive style. Your ears won’t lie from hearing the samples, but we can assure you that the metric swells and increasingly stacked chords of the extended piece are hypnotic, daft and delirious in equal measure.

sold out on boomkat now but still available over at EVOL's site I believe (and cheaper, where I got it)


Yeah RP rool

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On 6/3/2021 at 10:39 PM, splesh said:

I never got into them but always heard their name, how would you recommend getting into them if not chronologically?

Good question! I recommend starting with Spanish Dance Troupe, it’s got a mix of all their various styles. Going forward from there the music gets more austere and kind of fussy in that early 2000s studio perfectionism way, and going backwards increases the mayhem and shabby rock factor. You can’t go wrong though imo

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More techno purchases:

Three albums...
a)The Optic Crux - The Optic Crux (1994) An ambient, kinda IDM-y excursion from the Netherlands
b) Kenny Larkin - Metaphor (1995) A legend of Detroit techno who
c) James Ruskin - Point 2 (2000) One of the UK's finest

Three mixes...
1] Dave Angel - 39 Flavours of Tech Funk (1998) Fucking brilliant belter of a set just over two and a half hours by one of the greatest DJ/producers the UK has ever produced in the world of techno
2] Dave Angel - X-Mix-4: Beyond the Heavens (1995) Another mix from Dave Angel, early days of the K7 label, great series of mixes from others now considered heavyweights in the biz
3] Chaotik Ramses - D-Mention 98 (1998) Never heard of this guy but this mix features a bunch of artists I like

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Last CD purchases for a while. I must admit I went a bit hogwild, though these were not all at once, in my defense.

* Freq - Heaven (1997:) Detroit techno (but with an occasional bit of extra breaky flavour) from Sean Deason, an unfairly underrated second wave producer of the stuff. He has a few other aliases like Code 3 and Psykofuk... I really wish the double 12" from 1994 he made as Freq, Innerspace was available as a CD, it's probably my favourite stuff I've heard from him. Nonetheless, Heaven is both a slice of groovy Motor City goodness and something nice to chill out to (as idyllic as the cover and name would suggest for the techno fan)
* Jay Denham - Escape to the Black Planet (1998) Not technically Detroit techno or Chicago house, Denham is from Kalamazoo, MI which is in between. He's not as well known as he ought to be either.
* The Fat Db - Planning Overground (1997) One alias of many for Alex Martin; I had never heard of the guy but I enjoyed what I heard of this album
* James Pennington presents Dark Energy - Collided Energy (2007) More Detroit techno by the man best known as Suburban Knight. Two disks of awesomeness
* Bambounou - Orbiting (2012) Highly creative French techno from one of the current generation of great producers

Some grime instrumentals...
* Terror Danjah - 2003-2009: Gremlinz (The Instrumentals) (2009)
* Footsie - King Original Vol. 1 (2013), King Original Vol. 2 (2013), King Original Vol. 3 (2014)
* Ruff Sqwad - White Label Classics (2012)

Some free jazz and electroacoustic improv...
* William Parker's In Order to Survive - Compassion Seizes Bed-Stuy (1996) Great free jazz quartet from one of the most prolific and talented bandleaders of the 1990s revival of the stuff, William Parker. This and 1998's live album The Peach Orchard are both highly recommended if you don't know 'em already
* Taku Sugimoto & Kevin Drumm - Den (2000) A duet of two gentlemen who are by now, 21 years later, considered heavyweights of the contemporary avant garde music worlds. This album is the third they've done together, the first was the second full length album Kevin Drumm put out. Cute cover art of a platypus, too.
* MIMEO - Electric Chair + Table (1999) An electroacoustic improvisation supergroup, the name stands for Music In Movement Electronic Orchestra. Personnel: Kaffe Matthews, Keith Rowe, Phil Durrant, Thomas Lehn, Peter Rehberg, Christian Fennesz, Markus Schmickler, Rafael Toral, Gert-Jan Prins, Cor Fuhler, Jérôme Noetinger, Markus Wettstein

Other things...
* Nídia - Nídia É Má, Nídia É Fudida (2017) This album, her first, combines a bunch of afrolusophone genres like kuduro, batida, and tarraxinha; and is to date the only CD of this woman's great productions. Just one album of many on the excellent Portuguese label Principe which focuses on these types of sounds of the diaspora of formerly colonized African countries.
* Teebee - Through the Eyes of a Scorpion (2001) Some admittedly rather dated by now 20 years later techstep goodness by one of the early artists in the style Torgeir Byrknes, better known as Teebee, who has by now established himself as one of the biggest names in dnb

* patten - ESTOILE NAIANT (2014) One of the more recent artists to do an album or two on WARP, this may beat least one of his highest points, combining influences from the likes of footwork, IDM, ambient, techno, trap, all seemlessly into something that doesn't feel patchwork or garish at all. His next album, psi (2016), which I didn't buy (maybe one day) is a lot more of a slightly pastichey IDM trap combination
* DJ Snake feat. DJ AK - Till Bass Do Us Part Volume 1 (1994) Houston rap instrumentals/"bass" music (you know, like the absurdly low stuff offshooting from Miami Bass that sometimes gets called "car bass", tunes to show off your soundsystem with) from two members of PKO or Pounds Ki’z Ozeez, one of the earlier Texan gangsta rap groups

Edited by splesh
forgot two things
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Great update, will have to check some of those out!


Robert Henke — Piercing Music: saw these were affordable on Bandcamp so I bought one. Huge ICM fan and I got a couple of sweet Monolake postcards with it in the package. Still digesting the actual music

V/A Captured Tracks Records — Strum and Thrum: the American Jangle Underground 1982–1987: been listening to this a lot on streaming, had five minutes in a real record store for the first time post-pandemic the other day, and they had a copy! So I bought it. This maybe sounds like it might be slick poppy music perhaps, but it’s not at all, it’s super off-kilter and raw and great. And there are copious liner notes which I have not yet read!

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  • Renegade Soundwave: Soundclash (Mute)
  • Renegade Soundwave: In Dub (Mute)
  • Renegade Soundwave: Howyoudoin? (Mute)
  • Renegade Soundwave: The Next Chapter Of Dub (Mute)
  • Renegade Soundwave: RSW 1987-1995 (Mute)
  • V/A: The Sound Of Warhammer 40,000 Chapters I-III (3 CDs, Art of Perception)
  • V/A: Get Lost (Multiplex)
  • Cherry Bomb: Electronics For Dogs (Freedag Nuveux)
  • MLO: 01 Hour 01 Minute 01 Second (ITP Recordings)

I've had all the Renegade Soundwave albums (and plenty of 12"s) on vinyl for yonks, it was time to get them in digital and buying the CDs and ripping them was a cheaper option to buying the files directly. RSW FTW - I'm still jonesing for this, but even I'm not that completeness obsessed.

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Rod Modell - Captagon (2019) From a maestro of some of the best dub techno not made by Basic Channel comes something faster than his usual material. This album is also named after an amphetamine popular in West Asia)
Ken Ishii - Jelly Tones (1995) The third album from one of Japan's longest established techno producers, I think his best known as well.
Sun Electric - Kitchen (1993) Album number one by Berlin's Sun Electric. Extremely classic 90s shit which exists in a very unusual musical gray area very peculiar to its time of techno, trance, ambient and first wave IDM (by this I mean the sort of stuff one found on the first volume of the Artificial Intelligence series). Early R&S goodness. The kind of thing WATMMers seem more attached to than the techno community at large.
Dave Clarke - Archive One (1996) Collection of a bunch of tracks from the beloved English producer/DJ, not terribly much to say about it.
Omar S - Fabric 45 (2009) A DJ set by a great producer of the current era of techno and house... consisting entirely of his own productions but which works equally well as either a set or an album. This is something that helped me get into techno when I was newer to the stuff. He also mixes in influences of house and electro.


Cosmic Coincidence Control Center - Gnosis (2021 remaster of a 1994 album) A classic album Japanese harsh noise from John C. Lilly fans, as you can tell from the band name. These guys always seemed to be more out there and dare I say even hippie-ish, with album names like Amplified Crystal and Love & Noise. This album used to only exist on a very hard to come by audiocassette (though obviously there were rips floating around the usual channels)

Incapacitants - Unauthorized Fatal Operation 990130 (2021 reissue with an extra live track added) Incapacitants are my favourites in the world of harsh noise and this is another entry in my collection (one of a few groups I would like to one day own all of). It's nice to have a CD edition of something that was previously only available as a CD-R

[These last two albums are reissues by the relatively recently established Swedish noise/industrial/sound art label Usagi Productions  https://usagiproductions.wordpress.com/ ]

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45 minutes ago, splesh said:

Sun Electric - Kitchen (1993)

Sarotti is one of my all-time favourite tracks, I've started plenty of techno sets with it and it just never gets old. Sun Electric is also highly recommended to any and all.

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R&B and Soul

Prince - Dirty Mind (1980) Prince's third album. Right after the self titled album, right before the first album to feature purple on the artwork.
James Brown - Live at the Apollo, 1962 (1963, but this is the 2004 edition with bonus single mixes of some of the cuts) One of the classic live albums and a classic early career highlight (of which there are of course many) for The Godfather of Soul.
Janet Jackson - Janet (1993) Too many many interludes, but solid early 90s R&B.


Pascal Battus & Dafne Vincente-Sandoval - self-titled (2016) Two musicians: One on amplified plastic/polystyrene/paper and one on bassoon, both on electronics. Two discs: one of nine tracks, the other six.
SQID - self titled (2015) A 2 disc quartet consisting of Angélica Castelló, Attila Faravelli, Burkhard Stangl, Mario de Vega. Electroacoustic improvisations and field recordings. And a booklet of lovely photographs to go with.

Other things

OOIOO - Gamel (2013) The awesome side project of Yoshimi P-We (known largely for her work with Boredoms) does an album inspired by/featuring extensive use of gamelan!
Nikhil Banerjee - Live at De Kosmos, Amsterdam, 1972 (1995) Almost two and a half hours of raga. The CD format suits this rather well, better than an LP might but perhaps it was a cassette before. Here Banerjee is accompanied by Zamir Ahmad Khan
on tabla and Rosina Wirsdorf on tampur.
Carl Cox - The Sound of Ultimate B.A.S.E. (1998) Nice mix by an all time legend at the height of his powers. Before "techhouse" became a dirty word, when it was still a banging new sound.

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Merzbow - Metalvelodrome (The new remaster from 2 years ago, comes in a wooden box <G>) and a whole buncha techno:

K Hand (RIP ;_____;) - The Art of Music, Ready for the Darkness, On a Journey, Detroit-History Part 1
The Advent - New Beginnings
Devilfish - Techwise & Otherwise
Jeff Mills - Waveform Transmission Vol. 3
PaulMac - Push Came to Shove
Planetary Assault Systems - Atomic Funkster


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One ambient album: Brian Eno - The Shutov Assembly
and some electroacoustic improvisation:
Alfredo Costa Monteiro & Miguel A Garcia - Aq'Ab'Al
Haco, Hans Fjellestad, Jacob Riis, Marcos Fernandes - Haco Hans Jakob Marcos
Ryu Hankil, Noid, Matija Schellander and others - Foreign Correspondents

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On 8/12/2021 at 10:06 PM, whosebrian said:


10 min track hidden material.

So there is an actual benefit in opening the plastic wrapper and playing the CD? 🧠 💥

ObLatestCDsBought: I plugged a couple of holes in my RePHLeX collection, got both The Gentle People albums, Lektrogirl's I Love My Computer, and Peter Green's Macbeth: An Original Score. Slowly getting there, now I have only 125 RePHLeX releases on my wantlist, mostly duplicates of vinyl releases I already have but I still want on CD.

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