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Iván Paz - Visions of Space


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This album is a study, conceived by working with algorithms for sound generation in a live coding context. The different objects are controlled through parameters, which become the means of interaction between the improviser and the code. Through the different combinations of values, one travels across the range of possible sound outputs. Thus, as in musical compositions, the pieces can be thought as successive combinations in time. This idea was the seed. The pieces were born from this exploration, conceived as a process through which the material was chosen. Sometimes an algorithm, designed for this purpose, structured the different combinations into the chosen perceptual categories for their use during performance.

The digital outcome determined by these algorithms was then re-amplified and/or processed through electrical and physical structures, such as binaural microphones and the stairs of an old factory, to achieve its final spatial and electronic quality, in an effort to merge code and physical space.




Once loaded, this system will allow either to reproduce the album directly from the code of the pieces, or to play it manually by executing, rewriting or modifying it. This is performed with the SuperCollider programming language in which the album is written. In both cases, the resulting sound will be the naked output of the code as it comes out of the computer speakers.

Which is very cool. Been wanting to do something similar for years.


But also just the music is pretty fucking great? Well worth hearing. Came out last year, I just happened across this linked via a Bandcamp article on AI/Coding/etc in music. Seems some copies of the vinyl & vinyl/USB are still available.

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