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µ-Ziq - Challenge Me Foolish

Hugh Mughnus

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och, yes i needed to buy some tunes to take me away from this stupid alcohol, I never listen to the best artists (for me)...

Can't wait for this vinyl to take out my stupid phase... I knew mike p would never fail me...

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I don't know why but I thought he'd save ZIQ400 for new-new material.


Also some of my fave MikeP stuff is from that era so I'm pretty excited. That Bass Bins track is one of my favorite from all of the soundcloud stuff. 

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weird... royal astronomy is people's fav paradinas??? damn. anyway any new mike is good news to me.

I'm more of a Kid Spatula/Spatula Freak kinda guy, but yeah - more µ-Ziq from µ-Ziq is always a good thing!

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Very cool! Ceiling is an old mixtape favorite of mine. been blowing my mind for years. think i got it off an old comp bjork put together.


'Ceiling' was also kicking around on 'The Raft.com' EP which came out on The Raft website in '99. That's where I was introduced to it at least.



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