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Snareup on discord,special Qebrus hommage radio show


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Saturday, February the 24th, in homage to his music and to honor his life and artistic achievements

i will be co-hosting a special edition of the Snareup radio show dedicated to the memory of Thomas Denis aka Qebrus.


Tune in with us on discord,and let's enjoy and celebrate together the unique music of this remarkable musician and sound artist.



3p PT, 5p CT, 6p CT, 11p GMT, 1a EEST tune into twitch.tv/snareup or join our Discord server via snareup.com.


Thank you


RIP Thomas




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Hi guys - I uploaded the episode to our mixcloud and youtube channels. Enjoy - fxbip and omnii did an amazing job with the tracklist and it was a beautiful show. <3





Youtube (I only used images from Qebrus website/bandcamp/youtube for the visual stream):


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