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The Bug vs Burial - Flame 1


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on 12 and digital. Mastered by Pole.


hopefully this breaks Burial's stale-ass run of recent releases. collabing with The Bug should impose some requirements for structure and substance.

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Damn, you beat me to it Usagi.

Concrete Desert is pretty much all I've been listening to for the past week, which came out a year ago. But it's cool to see that Kevin Martin (The Bug) has his own label now.

He also mentioned that Miss Red will have her debut album on the label after this is released.

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I actually quite like this. It sounds like it could be a solo The Bug track but it's cool regardless.

yep my thoughts too, the melody sounds like burial but the rest is the bug for sure.

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oooh, I think the first instance in which Burial's name has been ascribed to a track.


Sounds great to me and I can't wait till in five years all of you haters are saying how you loved Sweetz, Indoors, New Dawn, Rodent, and Monic's Deep Summer this whole time.


These tracks are great.


Recognize ya dummies!

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