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GAS - Rausch


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Huh, that’s funny. I think I like this one much more than Narkopop. That never really clicked for me?!

To me Narkopop has a unique vibe I don't hear on any other ambient records, I love the sound design, it's dirty, lo-fi, yet majestic. I also like the flow of the album, the way it is structured. And Narkopop 11 is must, I don't get why it's been omitted from the digital/CD version, it's the best track and a perfect finale to the record.


Rausch sounds sort of too clean to me. And as I've mentioned I don't like how the drums sound here. Especially the snare. It sounds just cheesy.

What I like is that it's sort of more sinister. For some reason the album keeps drawing me back to it so that's a good sign but I can't imagine it surpassing Narkopop for me.

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I just really appreciate that this music exists. Before digging deeper into electronic music I had no idea about this stuff. It's very, very evocative to me, like I think I can tell this is inspired by settings rather than anything else. It makes me want to mess with orchestral samples and turn them into massive drones but I know it would never come out this well! 

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definite Zauberberg vibes from a lot of it, but it kinda reminds me of the first GAS album in a way


also Rausch 4 is really something else, omg

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Rausch 3 is among the best tracks in the Gas catalogue (even though it really is sort of a continuous deal with 2 and 4). 


Pleasantly surprised as while I like densely layered strings the non beat tracks on Narkopop tended to be a little heavily that.


Rausch recycles elements throughout the 60 minutes in really excellent ways.

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So does rausch translate from German as intoxicated or frenzy>? I thought the former is what he was going for.  Pitchfork's review says "frenzy"

I'd go with "rush" which covers both and then some:


3 rush
Definition of rush
1 a : a violent forward motion
c : a surging of emotion
2 a : a burst of activity, productivity, or speed
b : a sudden insistent demand
3 : a thronging of people usually to a new place in search of wealth
4 a : the act of carrying a football during a game : running play
b : the action or an instance of rushing a passer or kicker in football
5 a : a round of attention usually involving extensive social activity
b : a drive by a fraternity or sorority to recruit new members
6 : a print of a motion-picture scene processed directly after the shooting for review by the director or producer usually used in plural
7 a : the immediate pleasurable feeling produced by a drug (such as heroin or amphetamine) called also flash
b : a sudden feeling of intense pleasure or euphoria : thrill


It's also related to the Dutch "ruis" which is more specific to noise, as in the sound of rushing wind or waves or white noise, although it can also signify noise as in noisy data or snow on the tv. But I think some of the other English meanings are closer to the intent of this album title. I mean look at the liner notes, it's more about a buzzing mental state than about noisy stimulation.

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There's also this recent RBMA lecture from April:



Only in ze German tongue and not subtitled for now though.



And yeah, not a fan of this consistent high-pitched ringing noise accompanying the kick drum (as pointed out by someone on discogs) as well. But apart from that it's a solid one and a good addition to the catalogue.

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musically, this is just absolutely amazing. I love it. I just can not get past that constant high frequency pulse. it kills it for me.


can someone just remove those frequencies and reupload lol. damn it. that sucks...

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I really like this, and even though it does feel like these last two releases aren’t cut from the same cloth as the previous ones, I think that’s the point. The Gas project is evolving and still has a lot to offer. Our perception of the old albums is also heavily skewed since Pop can out almost 20 years ago. Time will tell!


Also I don’t hear the high pitch frequencies some have complained about, but then again I have mild tinnitus, and apparently Wolfgang Voigt does too! Curious.

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^^ also curious; I’ve Narkopopped several times—loud, focused listening :mu-ziq: —& can’t think what sound you might mean.


As for Rausch, I’m confused: is the disclaimer saying CD/vinyl/digital are identical, just differently “chopped” for the different media? Somebody’s post above gave me the impression that CD will be missing at least one track…?

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It's Narkopop that had an extra track on vinyl, which I still haven't heard I think, but people keep saying it's the best of the lot. :smile:


Rausch is supposed to be one piece and indeed the same across all formats, the track numbers are meaningless.

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i find this waaaaay better than narkopop. but no one hears that high frequency pulse in almost every track? It makes it borderline unlistenable.


I just bought two random tracks off of Rauch and lo and behold... you're right...



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