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Not the biggest Colundi fan, but this package includes some of his best work. Also comes in a high quality cardboard box 😂

lol i paid more than that!!! damn you clone. 

Lots of nice stuff inside, but the presentation is ruined by putting it inside an ugly cardboard box, that looks like it was designed to house oranges or something.





I'm sure the music will be great as usual though, but way too expensive for what it offers IMO.

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i was a bidder when this package was first announced, i didn't receive anything so far.

grant said on facebook in february that it would ship "sometime in march" however.

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    • By pabs
      This album deserves its own thread
      This is special.
      Crazy spastic drum breaks mixed with Colundi microtunings and tribal bongo beats.
      A brand new direction (not just for Aleksi, but for music), I’ve never heard anything like it
      Please give it a listen, this is wild and beautiful. :)
    • By NorthernFusion
      I have the vinyl releases, so don't need these.
      PM me and I'll fire them on.
      Edit 1: Oscillation 2 has been taken.
      Edit 2: Both codes are gone.
    • By chenGOD
      Out now on Clone Records and all discerning streaming thingys.
      It's fucking good.
      Part 2 expected later this month.
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      Is anyone aware of the scales used by aleksi perala in his ovuca releases?? In particular the oddish melodic lines in "cow is a mammal" and "Untitled B08 off Onclements"
      Im not really a music expert in the regard of scales but maybe someone here might know?? plus info on ovuca and other rephlex artists is very vague i wish they were talked about more very underated imop01 - cow is a mammal.mp3
    • By perunamuusi
      8 releases, 48 tracks totalling 324 minutes
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