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Nadia Struiwigh - WHHRu

Lada Laika

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Denovali Records is pleased to welcome Nadia Struiwigh to the roster. Her new album is due for release in April 2018.

Nadia Struiwigh is an electronic music DJ & producer from Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Sitting somewhere between Biosphere and Board of Canada, Struiwigh’s refined downtempo electronica takes you on a journey full of synthesized soundscapes that flirt with ambient techno.

Awash with melody and warm electronics, Lenticular is an expertly crafted piece from an artist who has found her sound and is now effortlessly outputting inspiring compositions.

Reminiscent of Warp’s Artificial Intelligence series, this is electronic listening music for quiet nights and club drowsy dawns.

"... it works in slow, drawn out movements - the piercing grumble of drone stretching and throbbing over spaced out pads. With each track the percussive footsteps edge ever nearer and nearer... " WIRE

"a superb armchair techno record for the post-IDM generation" Resident Advisor

"a pair of mindbending dance sketches that blur the liens between industrial and something verging on techno" Boomkat



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Wow that cover is atrocious. Music sounds good tho.



Nadia is Dutch. Different countries and cultures have different ideas on what constitutes good artwork

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Love Lenticular but got no money for records at the moment. Really not sure about that cover art either, an unfocused mess of random images

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Bought today from the denovali-digital-shop, somehow I get Harmonia and Cluster vibes with this one.  :music:

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