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Samson Simeon (Takeshi Muto/Phoenecia) - Words Within Warlords


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So in my recent fiending for new Phoenecia tunes, I decided to email Romulo and ask him if there was anything on the horizon. He graciously replied to me and send me this bandcamp link:




He also said he was cool with me sharing this hidden alias with you all — so I am!


This here is a beat tape from another dimension. Or in his words:


Swamp relics and odd funk fossils unearthed from the virtual everglades of South Florida.

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love that one



can't stop listening to this one though.




fuuuuuuuck it's good. Only thing I'm not feeling about this really is the cover art.

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Hello all, was just listening to Snowdens by Cayos and Takeshi Muto and noticed Romulo carried over a bit of genetic detail from this album over to the Samson Simeon album.






Good ears, me! Anyway just wanted to highlight a tidbit there. Have a good day.



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