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Just received that mail, looks like 2h radio sessions every Thursdays of April.


Looks like another variation of their radio show format... Hopefully this will mean new material coming soon :D!!!

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six of eight really clicking for me now...I've liked it for a while but now its all I want..when I don't have headphones or my wearable speaker (Sony) I crave it. I just want to hear this fucking trac

You need to convert the FLACs to RealAudio (.ra) format for them to work properly on your phone. It's very important that you delete the FLAC files after you have converted them.

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I hope they play some unreleased Aphex :happy: ... or not even unreleased, really. I'd be happy with them dropping something like Xtal you know, one of the underrated gems :aphexsign: :aphexsign: :aphexsign:

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