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I told my gf that i have something important from 5pm on, like what she asked, autechre live i said, ok then i wil come later, she understands;

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We'll I disagree. I think it has revolutionised music. Music itself has been handed a new set of parameters.

six of eight really clicking for me now...I've liked it for a while but now its all I want..when I don't have headphones or my wearable speaker (Sony) I crave it. I just want to hear this fucking trac

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I'm hoping for a 2 hours oversteps style set !


I came just imagining that (to both)

i hate when my wife comes home while i’m standing nude in my living room listening to max by autechre. she understand.

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I don't feel ready for NTS2, I want a couple more days of an NTS1 world. R.I.P. Fleurest world problems.


Still, look forward to getting up tomorrow and munching some NTS2 for breakfast. Something crunchy, buttery, caffeinated. Black and hot as the bine of Calbruc. Some hijklmnop in the song titles.


It would be insane if the NTS releases just kept building to greater heights, as if this was the runt of the litter. We hope to be unworthy.

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somebody from earlier pages implanted the idea that it might be noodlings around the same tracks, not completely new material, and that upset me bcoz im rly impressionable


nah, that's absurd imo. why would they hold back tracklists for the other volumes then and release only the current one. if this'd turn out to be true it'd be legendary trolling really.


hmm good point about the tracklists. feel a bit better now

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I want the most complex and mind blowing 2 hours of my pitiful life, culminating in a sonic barrage so savage that it transcends the 128kbps stereo stream and becomes all encompassing / engrossing / challenging / stimulating at once.


I want to feel used, exhausted, petrified, penetrated and enlightened.


I am raedy.

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oh yeah, the meandering thing. well fact is autechere always was about meandering, as in: meditating on a theme / mood and exploring different angles of it. most tracks they ever done consist of "only" 2 or 3 distinctive parts plus transitions, not like they used to compose operas or something (closest would be untilted, i guess). atm they just allow themselves to do it longer and more extensively, obviously enjoying less restraint from (physical) media.


can't even fathom the complexity of their current setup (or any other for that matter), so dunno. but yeah with max basically being a turing complete programming language the possibilites might indeed be pretty much limitless.


well apart from the equipment exhaustion thing i do think there was quite some "formwille" involved on sidesteps like oversteps (no pun intended, actually). at that point in time that was probably the ballsiest thing they could've done. that was one adventurous album. i also hardly listen to it nowadays, lol, kinda case in point. (it's a cool and accomplished album no doubt, i just hardly find myself in the mood for it).


fluency... hm ya, session 1 sounds quite "effortless", in a good way.



Hi Jader, just to nitpick a bit, I want to push back on the composition vs meditation on a theme thingy. Looking at their past interviews, I would argue that the boyz are in total control. In the prehistoric Confield era they mentioned that all sounds were intentional ie composed.  Not sure if these days their approach is very much different and they have fully unleashed their Maxes to perform generative magic totally on their own. I think that what we are hearing is composed!




well if you take the meditation thing and interpret it as impro / slider fumblin as opposed to mousin it i think the lines can be blurry. like, i think sometimes they define the macro-structure / overall dramaturgy but certain elements / singular events within are derived from improvisation, l3 would be a recent example which i believe belongs to this category. or think of quaristice, that was basically its concept, edited jams.


but that's not even what i meant. compare their music to typical western classical tradition or popular song structures. they do dabble in these concepts sometimes like in irlite or ipacial section, but usually their tracks have more of a monolithic quality, like setting up a scene but instead of immediately (or after a fixed set of repetitions) going to the next in a straight narrative way they circle around, light it from different directions etc. for extended periods of time ... few elements might be popping in and out but usually there's only one or two "drastic" breaks, if any. thousand examples follow this formula: xylin room, 11 is, 444, vose in, you name it.


dunno how to explain it better, really. can't focus, NTS 2 so close D: ... gnah.

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It's on at 1am here and I have work in the morning :/ Ah well, I'll just get up early to download from bleepstore (hopefully)

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What are the odds that one installment will be a single two hour track? Would that be cool/not cool? Would it “noodle about” or just be a max/msp colored wank? Would it be maximaly transportive or super psychedelic?


It’s so Thursday. Less than 1.5 hours to go. So ‘cited, ready to FEEL!

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My body's saying let's go. 

But my heart is saying no.


If you wanna be with me, baby, there's a price you pay. I'm a genie in a bottle,



you gotta rub me the right way.

What are the odds that one installment will be a single two hour track? Would that be cool/not cool? Would it “noodle about” or just be a max/msp colored wank? Would it be maximaly transportive or super psychedelic?

It’s so Thursday. Less than 1.5 hours to go. So ‘cited, ready to FEEL!


One track split over 6 sides of vinyl would suck

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It would be insane if the NTS releases just kept building to greater heights

That would be an amazing accomplishment, especially if they're doing these sections are done in an ad hoc manner.


Roll on 5pm

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One track split over 6 sides of vinyl would suck


This is true you're correct, so the odds are not good. Gonk Steady at 22+ minutes is a maybe bit long for a quality side of vinyl though...but thats different than splitting tracks up.

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whats the story with nts?

quite a rare thing for s&r to have a third party in the title for what is shaping up to be a major release of theirs, no?


I'm inclined to believe that some degree of bankrolling is involved here. It's such an extravagant physical release, even for Autechre. Sets are clearly being produced to order, but there's no reason this material couldn't have been pumped out as a straightforward Warp release... perhaps NTS has some sort of stake in it?

Those are all actually good points/questions. My first question to figure this out is: how the hell does NTS make money? The website has no ads. The shows that I've listened to (regularly catch Lukid and some random others) have no ads. NTS isn't a label, right? They put on events too, so there's some revenue, but is that their only source of revenue? 

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      So this might not be the right place to type this out so if the mods feel like this should be deleted, no prolem.
      I have a question about Bleep.
      If a product ships, do you get an e-mail saying that it's on the way to you? 
      I pre-ordered something and on the day it said it was going to ship I didn't get any dispatch e-mails or nothing. Is that normal? 
      This is was my first time ordering something physical on Bleep after avoiding it for years. Should I order more stuff on their site in the future or should I stay away from them since the general opinion on Bleep here is pretty negative.
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      Scene 1:
      we start out in some kind of next-dimensional waiting room with a jumble of objects existing in a state of flux. It’s kind of a paradoxical thing, like chaotic equilibrium. there are platonic solids bouncing into globs on non-newtonian fluids, arcs of plasma jetting about, old People magazines, etc. it is here that the the first ones, the ineffable, antediluvian Great Dyad of rob and sean call their home, their unspoken machinations manifesting as great ripples and rumbles through the medium, lush pads and sick beats, the 2 elements from which all other things spring forth. the aloof, stoned gaze of rob and the piercing chav stare of sean settle on a single planet orbiting rogue paralel suns, somewhere in the intergalactic medium. this is planet known as Planet Gonk.
      Scene 2:
      on exoplanet gonk 3a5 129308 there is a club 500 kilometers under the sea.
      we descend through the hazy atmosphere and the greenish world-ocean is revealed, we descend further, under the waves, to Club Splesh.
      shit is poppin off here.
      Mature Audiences Only.
      Agent Cooper is on the scene
      “Diane, I’ve just arrived at an establishment of ill-repute—
      there is a robot with a big like jangly metal dick on stage just getting slapped all over the place.
      like some giant mech with a big fuckin weird silicon robot dick just floppin it around.
      like slapping it in a concrete hall, like some crazy flep the dolphin shit happening in the club.
      in the underwater club.”
      the scene is mental. Wiley is DJing, Flowdan is MCing. just absolute mayhem
      people are doing poppers and touching jellyfishes and stuff.
      a squid makes out with a Dyson space heater.
      Flep the dolphin does tricks (like flips and shit but also sexual?) for the robot man.
      a calculator finishes suckin him off.
      the robot man cums.
      Scene 3:
      okay so now we're listening to the soundtrack to "GANG FIGHT 2999", setting: ‘Techre City
      it’s like a gigantic icosahedron of a city, all floating above the ocean and shit
      all black pipes and dirty streets branching out everywhere like fucking crazy
      the Casual's are encroaching on the Gonk Boy's turf
      Gonk Boys pullin up
      using pirated cyberweapons
      the casuals outnumber gonks, but the gonks are bigger
      The Gonks have protective fur coats with +2 charm boost
      the Casuals employ fierce hi frequency sonic weapon emitters
      the Gonk Boys have powerful backpack woofer blasters
      the Casuals, in their numbers and ferocity are overwhelming the Gonks
      but the Gonks won't go down without a fight
      so the gang war has been raging on
      OH shit! RIP gonks, you think.
      but the Gonk Boys are still hanging in actually
      you thought they died
      but in one insane sub bass attack they fuckin WIPED out the casuals
      they unleashed their secret weapon:
      cut: we are now 33 years in the future
      The Gonks and the Casuals unified into one cartel and took over 'Techre city
      not long ago this planet was ruled by dolphins and mechs
      Now there is a filthy cabal of genocidal gangsters in control of the polyhedron
      watch them float over the global ocean, sending down plasma arcs to terrorize the unsuspecting denizens
      Unleashing vaporized high potency psychedelics and dissociative drugs into the atmosphere
      the populace is at their will
      Chairman Elyc9 is a miser. He rose through machiavellian tactics.
      He now punishes the world that spurned him as a child
      Uniting the violent underground through mutually beneficial heists and takedowns he quickly was able move up in 'Techre's parliament
      Spread the message: the dolphins and mechs are not our friends
      We must cleanse the global ocean of their idiocy
      Scene 4:
      Deep down in the ocean
      Corporal Flep is dreaming up a strategy
      The resistance has been hit hard
      But Flep wishes for the days of dancing and having casual sex with robots on the ocean floor to return
      In an old half dome ruin on the ocean floor, covered in coral and kelp, the bladelores project is being conceived
      the dolphins on one side, the mechs on the other.
      they are sharing ideas through bubble ring glyphs
      how can they restore peace to this shattered world?
      schematics made of seaweed and stabilized bubbles are created
      to unify their thoughts they move to the inner sanctum
      and begin a ritual of blowing bubbles and subtly sending electrical currents through the water
      slowly an old god
      starts to rise from the sand at the oceans floor
      it is a god made of shimmering, rippling mercury
      at times random pillars seem to form as appendages and then collapse back into the rising columnal giant
      the monks of the eastre order hit their bells
      the dolphins and mechs vibrate in ecstasy as the VeKos, the avatar of eastre, arises.

      Scene 5:
      in the laboratory of Turbile Robotics manufacturing ramps up with new speed
      Everything must be stress tested
      no piece of squishyware can go un poked
      every bioluminescent tendril must writhe
      all cubes must be stomped upon
      that's what makes a Turbile a Turbile™
      The workers dine on shimripls (a type of very gay shrimp)
      Turbile robotics employees can expect a minimum of 17 shimripls a day
      they are paid in shimripls, which is a privilege in a world where if you don't gonk hard enough you'll basically just get killed
      Oh lord what is this? someone just introduced a trojan into Turbile manufacturing's mainframe
      the technician inspects the terminal
      "Spl9.ramshooter.b" ?
      machinery is being repurposed
      something is being built
      the plant is creating strange, incomprehensible objects
      it used to make cubes
      now the virus has taken control and the organic synthesis machines are making unsound hybrids of silicon and flesh
      and all of these creations fall down into the the unfathomably deep cistern of rejects, the glos ceramic
      a cylindrical hole bored deep into the planet, so large it has developed its own ecosystem in the darkness and filth
      the heaps of AI chips form autonomously organizing beings made of trash and rotting flesh and wires
      these new beings know nothing other than that the great shute in the sky gives them garbage, their lifeblood
      so they raise up their appendages in praise
      revel in the garbage, make love in the garbage, do their taxes in the garbage
      Scene 6:
      back in 'techre city Bill Evans plays the piano
      at a slimey gonk establishment
      Thom Yorke gets on stage
      by now he has become a kind of hairy skeleton
      he makes high pitched wails into a canister, on all fours
      he has learned the art of bone origami
      and he is folding himself up into an ever smaller thing
      eventually he is so small he is not visible, which is part of the art of it, you see
      yet he still is able to wail
      Bill Evans dies of many years of cocaine use
      Scene 7:
      The aftermath of a mass culling of technicians suspected as double agents for the Dolphin-Mech Alliance
      Chairman Elyc6 has dealt with the turbile problem, or at least he thinks he did
      so we looked at the data
      The truth is, Chairman Elyc9 doesn't really care about purging the planet of dolphins and mechs.
      the war was a ruse
      he baited the enemy into summoning eastre,
      the primeval power at the center of the planet, he wishes to harness its powere
      planet gonk was once at peace
      long ago, the dolphins were sucking robot penis and all was well
      but desperate times call for desperate measures
      the garbage hybrids congeal into a chain tall enough to reach the ceiling of the great cystern
      as the liquid god of eastre penetrates the corroded, leaking bottom of the cystern
      an unholy union is formed
      The Gonk Casuals must be stopped.
      Scene 8:
      we now shift deep under the garbage, into the dark saline sea that lines the deepest trenches under the global ocean
      this is the primordial soup from whence it all came
      in a place darker than vantablack, conscious ions flicker with intent
      before the gonks, before the dolphins, before the casuals and mechs, there was only this place
      a place of stillness punctuated by rippling chains of actions that had no beginning and no end
      the creatures of planet gonk arose from this place
      and it is this place that will bring the planet back to equilibrium
      Scene 9:
      the Great Dyad regards the goings on with detached amusement.
      Sean: M8 this shit is mental. Did you see Thom Yorke do that? fuck me that’s brilliant.
      Rob: Check out that Dolphin down there, he’s got a laser gun.
      Sean: (tokes spliff) fookin incredible aye
      Rob: aye there’s like some kinda war or battle going on innit
      Sean: lush, hey check out this new patch i’ve been working on
      in a twist of events, the Dolphin-Mechs lose control of the Avatar of Eastre, VeKos, and it takes control of the garbageFleshKin, unifying them into a writhing tentacle of wires and organs emerging from the core of Planet Gonk to strike ‘Techre city from the sky. the icosahedron shatters into a trillion shimmering shards and the city falls into the churning world-ocean.
      the casualties of the great conflict are immense
      calculators go instinct. Corporal Flep is valiantly killed in the line of duty when he impales Chairman Elyc6 with his snout (he duct-taped a knife to it). RIP.
      the Gonk Boys and the Casuals are forgotten. the ocean swallows up all things. there is only wreckage, and the mindless, waving tentacles of eastre protruding from the sea like living monoliths. Who knows what lies in the future for this ruined planet? but for now, all end.
      And thus concludes the story of Planet Gonk…
      OR DOES IT?
    • By Soloman Tump
      Closest guess wins a prize*
      *free gonks for lyf
    • By cear
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