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Best Session 2 Track?

What's your favourite track on session 2  

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  1. 1. What's your favourite track on session 2

    • elyc9 7hres
    • six of eight (midst)
    • xflood
    • gonk tuf hi
    • dummy casual pt2
    • violvoic
    • sinistrailAB air
    • wetgelis casual interval
    • e0
    • peal MA
    • 9 chrO
    • turbile epic casual, stpl idle

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guys I just finished listening to xflood, while mult-tasking at work, on headphones at a reasonable volume and it was still way too intense


going to finish NTS 2 later...my god session 1 was just a warm-up apparently

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Turbile epic casual is like you are slowly dying and watching the world fall apart around you, but then all the AI arrives and eats everything (including you) before you are able to slowly fade away...

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I'm....I'm not sure how I feel about Session 2. I don't want to say too much yet...only been like 36 hours or whatever lolllll. I'll shut up for now. :) Fucking gonk though. Shit's so good.


Hey mods can I change my name to gonkzien? Thx.

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Feel sorry for sinus trail left in dead last. Happens to be my most listened from the sessions thus far, probably places for a couple people (including myself), but that album is stacked.

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Sinis/wetgelis is an awesome little 'intermission' type ambient break... I don't know if I'd name them my favorites, but I definitely love their positioning in the session...

I'm glad they're included.


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dummy casual pt2 is soft in the head, it's a hudmo song sieved thru an autigre reverb patch and played on iphone speakers

Ban pls

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