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Wanderwelle - Gathering of the Ancient Spirits


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[2x12" Gatefold LP / Limited edition CD / Digital - Spring/Summer 2018]

The Amsterdam-based duo Wanderwelle returns to Silent Season with their second album. Gathering of the Ancient Spirits is inspired by the last years of the life of Paul Gauguin, which he spent on the islands of French Polynesia. The album tells the alternative history of his search for a land that is untouched by modern society and whose inhabitants were still dependent on the gifts of nature and connected to their ancestors. During his stay, the painter encounters forgotten rituals and the primordial beings which haunt the islands since the dawn of men. In 2018, it’s exactly 115 years ago that Paul Gauguin passed away. This album is an ode to one of the greatest artists that ever lived.

[Silent Season]





Lost In A Sea Of Trees was a brilliant album from last year, and I'm over the moon that a) new Wanderwelle, and b) Silent Season are putting stuff out again so soon, as I'm certain they were meant to be on hiatus for the foreseeable future. Previews sound awesome, will be grabbing this in a heartbeat.

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Hadn't heard of them before, but I keep coming back to those Soundcloud clips in your first post.


I went back and listened to last year's album but it sounds like the kind of almost generic dub techno I'm unlikely to throw money at anymore.


The new one's clearly got character though.

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tbh I dunno if I'd spend money on this but it's still nice, it's like what I wish a lot of psytrance or downtempo was like. Maybe some downtempo even is /almost/ like this but the instrumentation isn't as good and falls back on a 'lush' sample

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Nice new podcast, fingers crossed for new LP out this month.




'The Dutch duo Wanderwelle gained much recognition with their picturesque soundscapes, intense, deep live sets, and warm musical atmospheres. Their forthcoming album 'Gathering of the Ancient Spirits' on Silent Season has been much anticipated, and it is pretty sure that there are much more things to expect from Wanderwelle in the future.'




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Stanislav Tolkachev - Why Are You So Frightened
Pablo’s Eye - Double Language 
Isorinne - 3:29
Rune Bagge - Cold Plains
Albert van Abbe - Function D (Guy Tavares Monologue)
Varg - Salem I
Loke Rahbek & Frederik Valentin - You Come With Me
Vera Dvale & Psykovarius - Alguse Udu
E-Saggila - Alternative Street
D.Å.R.F.D.H.S - Bensin i Storkågetrask
Rune Bagge - Simple Dreams
Aphex Twin - Tha
Skee Mask - VLI
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been up for pre order on juno and redeye for ages, which is weird. can check all the samples on redeye.


Juno are on distribution duties for Silent Season. Fairly common for labels to have advanced previews of releases put out there long before release.

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