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Taupe Beats

Very Old Member (Idi Amin) - New Mixes

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cool! i remember u had an avi of idi amin also. lol

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I am on SubFM tonight for 4 hours! Starting at 6pm CST/12am GMT! Got a lot of heat ready...tune in!



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4-hour show from last week, sorry about the delay! (was just uploaded)






1. Desroi “Birth”, Dwell in Motion single, Avian 2018

2. Autechre “Rpeg”, EP7 EP, Warp 1999

3. SOPHIE “Faceshopping”, OIL OF EVERY PEARL’S UN-INSIDES album, MSMSMSM/Future Classic 2018

4. Fushou. “Behave”, ALWAYS PROPER – THERAPY SESSIONS, VOL. 2 compilation, ALWAYS PROPER 2018

5. Sharif Laffrey “Everything Is Nice”, Tangier b/w Everything is Nice EP, ESP INSTITUTE 2018

6. Rambl “Doss”, Doss single, Here to Hell 2018

7. Uniting Of Opposites “Car Number 27/Mr. Alpo (Tim Deluxe Remix (Edit))”, Car Number 27/Mr. Alpo (Tim Deluxe Remix) EP, Tru Thoughts 2018

8. AMMAR 808 “Ain essouda”, Maghreb United album, Glitterbeats Records 2018

9. Horn Of Plenty “La Syncope”, Alpha single, Biotop 2018

10. Grizzly Bear “A Good Place (Soft Pink Truth's Blow by Blow Remix)”, Horn of Plenty [The Remixes] album, Kanine Records 2005

11. Jerome Hadey feat. RZA “Tomorrow”, Never for Money, Always for Love single, The Vinyl Factory 2018

12. Secret Lover “Far Off (Khotin Remix)”, Lost & Found EP, All My Thoughts 2018

13. Bridge & Tunnel Kids “Omnii (Terekke's Sun Salutation Mix)”, Mosaics compilation, Echovolt Records 2017

14. Abby Echiverri “Ionosfeer”, Ab Initio EP, The Bunker New York 2018

15. Johannes Albert “Beach Reach”, The Weekender EP, Fine 2018

16. RCD “Actual”, V/A – 0/10 Anniversary compilation, Baum Records 2018

17. Dimitri Veimar “Blaze”, Blaze single, Turbo Recordings 2018

18. Applescal “Harmony Two”, Harmony EP, DGTL 2018

19. Rhythim Is Rhythim “Strings of Life”, Strings of Life single, Transmat 1987

20. Freakinweirdo “Wicked”, We Are Smiley Vol. 18 compilation EP, Smiley Fingers 2018

21. SE62 “Night People”, Good Days EP, Hot Haus Records 2018

22. Tunnelvisions “Guava (Aera's Sunset Remix)”, Midnight Voyage (Remixed) single, Atomnation 2018

23. Cassy & Pete Moss “You Gotta Know”, You Gotta Know PT1 single, Kwench Records 2018

24. Chino “Shifter”, Hiss EP, Holger Records 2016

25. Adeline “Love Handles You (Camea Remix)”, Back to the Roots, Vol. 4 compilation, City Life 2018

26. Franck Roger “Christal”, Lottus EP, Home Invasion 2017

27. Mangabey “Chicago Memory”, Chicago Memory EP, Toy Tonics 2018

28. Anja Schneider “All I See (Butch Dub)”, SoMe Remixes, SoUS Music 2018

29. El-B “Baiah”, Attitude Pt.2 single, Four40 Records 2017

30. Adryiano “Dreams With”, Dreams With EP, Shall Not Fade 2018

31. Zohki “After That”, Moon Harbour Inhouse, Vol. 8 compilation, Moon Harbour Recordings 2018

32. Nick Holder “Nocturnal Adventure”, Summer Grooves EP, Essential Media Group 2017

33. Lananas & Naranja “All Night #4”, Pétrole, Vol. 8 (Partie de Plaisir) compilation, Collectif Pétrole 2018

34. Jonas Rathsman “To Infinity and Beyond”, Draumzer single, Mobilee Records 2018

35. Joris Biesmans “Connecting The Dots”, Angry Baby EP, TVe Recordings 2018

36. Fold “Marimba Echoes (Mall Grab Remix)”, Aegean Sea single, Aus Recordings 2018

37. Bionic Escasso “Persecution”, Tribe V/A 002 compilation EP, Ishua 208

38. Rhythm Masters “Bad Habit (Melé Remix)”, Bad Habit EP, ElRow Music 2018

39. Boston 168 “1989”, 5 Years in Love With Involve compilation, Involve Records 2017

40. Kölsch & Tiga “HAL”, HAL single, Ipso 2018

41. Photay “Screens (Hubie Davison Bootleg)”, Onism: Remixed EP, Astro Nautico 2018

42. Robert Owens & Groove Assassin “Come Together (Instrumental)”, Come Together single, Hard Times 2018

43. Akufen “Skidoos”, My Way album, Force Inc. 2002

44. Vin Sol “My Friend Is in the Main Room”, Dance Trax, Vol. 14 EP, Unknown to the Unknown 2018

45. Bawrut “Three Sounds (Lossy Remix)”, 4X4 (Remixes) single, Ransom Note Records 2018

46. Jansons & Senzala “Aura”, JNZ/Aura EP, Four Thirty Two 2018

47. Steven Be Calm “Never Come Back”, Room With a View EP, Shall Not Fade 2018

48. Lenny Fontana “Chocolate Sensation (Special Request Remix)”, Cr2 2015

49. Pangaea “Proxy”, Bone Sucka single, Hessle Audio 2018

50. Frankey & Sandrino “Cephei (Locked Groove Remix)”, Cephei EP, Moodmusic Records 2015

51. Frits Wentink & DJ Boring “Oli Coony”, Wasted Years of Pumping Iron single, Bobby Donny 2018

52. Martyn “Nya”, Voids album, Ostgut Ton 2018

53. Josh Butler “Doesn't Work”, Anonymous EP, Hot Creations 208

54. DJ Madd “On the Rocks”, Take It Down Low/On the Rocks single, Roots & Future 2018

55. Sean Miller “Birds Do It (K’Alexi Shelby Klassik Remix)”, Birds Do It EP, Play It Say It 2018

56. Richie Blacker “Mess Express”, Mess Express EP, Last Night on Earth 2018

57. Metaboman “Eiersalat bitte”, Hello Regina single, Milnormodern 2018

58. Afriqua “Sway”, Vice / Principle album, R&S 2018

59. Omar Souleyman “Khayen (Swick Remix)”, To Syria, With Love (Remixes) album, Mad Decent 2017

60. Via Maris “Glow Wall”, Glow Wall / CU2 single, Livity Sound 2018

61. Dense & Pika “Amber – Edit”, Amber EP, Hypercolour 2018

62. Anthony Fade “Mango Lexus (TRP Remix)”, Fading EP, Shall Not Fade 2018

63. Vktr “Way He Walks (Really Blows My Mind)”, Way He Walks EP, Nos Classics 2018

64. DJ Seinfeld “Typeless”, DJ-Kicks compilation, !K7 2018

65. D. Tiffany “V2M”, V2M EP, Coastal Haze 2018

66. Artefakt “Weltformel”, Falling Into the Light single, Delsin 2018

67. VIO_L3T “Cloud-Tech (E.M.M.A. Remix)”, Cloud-Tech EP, Coyote Records 2018

68. matHame “Striker (Cassegrain Remix)”, At the Doors of Those Spaces, Oddity 2018

69. Fever Ray “Plunge (DJ Marfox Remix)”, Plunge (DJ Marfox Remix) single, Rabid Records 2018

70. Maxime Duvall “Err On the Side of Love (Instrumental Mix)”, Raining in My Heart single, Bordello A Parigi 2018

71. Serena Butler “To Tilt The Fulcrum”, AWRY003 compilation EP, AWRY 2018

72. Blawan “Nims”, Wet Will Always Dry album, Ternesc 2018

73. H4L “Four Lights (Deep'a & Biri Remix)”, Four Lights single, Astray 2018

74. Anetha “Acid Train (Ryan James Ford Remix)”, Phasing Faces Remixes compilation EP, Anagram 2017

75. Murkage Dave “You Always Ring Me When I'm Busy (Zed Bias Remix)”, You Always Ring Me When I’m Busy single, Self-Released 2018

76. Benjamin Damage “Malfunction”, Malfunction single, R&S 2018

77. Cygnus “Iaaafos Blank Mix (TEXTASY Dance Floor Dub), The Third Annual War Child Fundraiser (Pt. 1) compilation single, Craigie Knowes 2018

78. Aleksi Perälä “UK74R1822050”, Sunshine 2 album, AP Musik 2018

79. Cassius Select “They Shook”, Fake Death EP, Hypercolour 2018

80. Sir Lord Commix “Fog Horn”, Retroactive (Part Two) EP, R-Time Records 2018

81. Jeroen Search “The Regions Beneath”, 5 Years in Love With Involve compilation, Involve Records 2017

82. Mor Elian “Persona Non Grata”, Persona Non Grata EP, Hypercolour 2018

83. Primary Node “TimeRave Zero (Dead Sound Remix)”, Aeolipile album, Acroplane Recordings 2018

84. 1991 “Where Do I Hide from Myself”, 1991 album, Astro:Dynamics 2012

85. Yair Elazar Glotman “Contrabass”, One Instrument Volume 01 compilation, One Instrument 2018

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Last night's SubFM show with Bronchuseven (aka DJ Sriracha), was a good one!





  1. Cassegrain & Tin Man “Open Sea”, Infrastructure Facticity compilation, Infrastructure New York, 2016
  2. Rrose “Drowned by Sight”, V – Five Years of Artefacts – Chapter One compilation, Stroboscopic Artefacts, 2014
  3. Blawan “Careless”, Wet Will Always Dry album, Ternesc, 2018
  4. Addison Groove “Allaby”, Allaby/Airbag single, 50 Weapons, 2015
  5. Trevino “La View”, Front album, Birdie, 2016
  6. 1800HaightStreet “Razor”, Endless album, Lobster Theremin, 2017
  7. Rocco “From Blood”, Quantum Project One EP, Atjazz Record Company, 2015
  8. Benjamin Damage “Monolith”, Obsidian album, 50 Weapons, 2015
  9. Skee Mask “50 Euro to Break Boost”, Compro album, Ilian Tape, 2018
  10. Cadans “1 Bar FU”, 1 Bar FU single, Clone, 2017
  11. Pearson Sound “Tsunan Sun”, XLB single, Pearson Sound, 2016
  12. Orphx “Transmutation”, Pitch Black Mirror album, Sonic Groove, 2016
  13. Perc & Giorgio Gigli “Ehdc”, Area EP, Electric Deluxe, 2011
  14. Source Direct “Black Rose (Blawan Remix)”, Black Rose EP, Nonplus, 2015
  15. Rrose “Nest of Queens”, The Ends of Weather EP, Eaux, 2017
  16. Clouds “Overflow Ya”, HS001 single, Headstrong Records, 2017
  17. Ploy “Ramos”, Ramos EP, Timedance, 2018
  18. Paranoid London & Paris Brightledge “Paris Dub 1”, Paranoid London album, Paranoid London, 2014
  19. Morphology “Europa”, Frozen State EP, Vortex Traks, 2016

Taupe Beats

  1. Elizabet Merrick-Jefferson “Noctilucent Clouds”, The Meredith EP, Burek, 2017
  2. Psyk “Voiceprint”, Voiceprint EP, Non Series, 2018
  3. GoldFFinch “For Future Use (Bitten By The Black Dog v.1)”, Proliferation EP, Turbo, 2016
  4. DJ Lilocox “Paz & Amor”, Paz & Amor EP, Príncipe, 2018
  5. DJ Swagger & DJ ÆDIDIAS  “ствол”, ствол EP, E-Beamz, 2017
  6. D. Tiffany “V2m”, V2m EP, Coastal Haze, 2018
  7. Shako “Indunk (Ryan James Ford Remix)”, Indunk EP, Rival Turf, 2015
  8. Rimbaudian “Drop It on Em”, Letters EP, Ten Thousand Yen, 2017
  9. Melé “Shake”, Melé EP, Sounds of Sumo, 2010
  10. Omar Souleyman “Mawal (Simian Mobile Disco Remix)”, To Syria, with Love (Remixes) EP, Mad Decent, 2018
  11. Special Request “Cold Blooded”, Soul Music album, Houndstooth, 2013
  12. Lena Platonos “Lego (Avalon Emerson Version)”, Sun Masks Remixes EP, Dark Entries, 2017
  13. Szare “Kodiak”, Kodiak/Translocated single, Different Circles, 2018
  14. Sir Lord Commix “Funk Box”, Retroactive (Part One) EP, R Time Records, 2018
  15. Benjamin Damage “Delirium Tremens (Robert Hood Remix)”, Delirium Tremens - Robert Hood & Benjamin Damage Remixes single, 50 Weapons, 2013
  16. Hi-Lite Scan “Comeback”, Comeback album, Double Cheese Records, 2018
  17. Maxine & Cleo “Dj Dre”, These Things Take Time:  Compilation:  Vol. 001, These Things Take Time, 2016
  18. Zol “Lendül”, 0/10 Anniversary compilation, Baum, 2018
  19. Serena Butler “Your Past. Your Future. Your Very Light”, From the Clouds to our Bodies EP, Bene Tleilax, 2017
  20. Alexi Delano & Marko Nastic “Speak, Machine”, Analog Soldiers compilation EP, Blumoog Music, 2018
  21. Locked Groove “Lost”, Heritage EP, Hotflush, 2013
  22. Grouper “Headache”, Paradise Valley single, YELLOWELECTRIC, 2016

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I'm live on www.sub.fm in about 35 minutes (8pm CST/2am GMT), tune in! Lots of great new music to play...

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Oofff, sorry m8 I can't catch it live, just heading home from dinner. 


I know this is prob terrible and greedy etc but is there a way to get these in HQ? Me and the wife listened through to June but we're often on the move and can't stream. 


Edit: I recall now, you don't have a dropbox account or anything. All good! 

Edited by Bulk VanderHooj

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lovin these mixes. 

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Here is last Friday's show:




Direct download link here:  https://archive.sub.fm/taupe-beats-20-jul-2018/

  1. Nicolas Bougaïeff “Dust (Guy Andrews Remix)”, Dust Remixes single, Mesh, 2018
  2. Deadboy “So Cold”, Psychic Hotline EP, Unknown to the Unknown, 2018
  3. Austin Ato “Maelstrom”, The Sound Of EP, Me Me Me, 2018
  4. Frederic Hecker “What You Need”, Ten Years After compilation, Moma, 2018
  5. Quarion “Jamaican Morse Code”, Cobblestone EP, Drumpoet Community, 2018
  6. Shlomi Aber “Common Denominator”, Whistler single, Figure, 2018
  7. AtomTM “Recycled Term”, Beauty >> Forward album, Atom_TM_Archive, 2018 (song originally from 1994)
  8. Psycho Radio “Sound is Shocking (Paul Woolford’s Revised Remix)”, Sound is Shocking single, GRAND Music, 2018
  9. Linearis “Confused”, Confused EP, Made of Concrete, 2018
  10. Fenton “0096”, 0096 EP, Samurai Horo, 2015
  11. Schegg “Making the Bed”, My Home EP, Boutade Musique, 2018
  12. Tom Frankel “Atlantis”, S P I R A L S, Vol. 5 compilation, Constant Cirlces, 2018
  13. Kiani & His Legion “Electric (Fatima Yamaha Remix)”, NOWHERE 01 compilation, Something Happening Somewhere, 2018
  14. Elles x Violet “A Life Lived in Fear is Like a Life Half Lived (Kasra V Remix)”, A Life Lived in Fear is Like a Life Half Lived single, Love on the Rocks, 2018
  15. Neil Landstrumm “Rectorate Power”, Go See Thru EP, Unknown to the Unknown, 2018
  16. Gavin Guthrie “Into the Box”, Into the Box EP, Children of the Box, 2018
  17. SIS “Crossing Bridges”, Danzan single, Mobilee Records, 2018
  18. Yann Seznec “Droplets”, The Drip – EP compilation, Accidental Ltd, 2018
  19. Messiah Syndrome “Roses XVI”, Your Whole Style/Roses XVI single, Diskotopia, 2018
  20. Third System “Masterlight”, Third System EP, Clone, 2018
  21. Solar & Brother Nebula “S.I.S. (Savile’s Jetset Radio Remix)”, S.I.S. single, Legwork Records, 2018
  22. Marquis Hawkes & Jamie Lidell “We Should Be Free (Hawkes Dub)”, Houndstooth, 2018
  23. Griffit Vigo “Come to Durban”, DJ single, Gqom Oh!, 2018
  24. Shan “English Summer”, Run Tings EP, Running Back, 2018
  25. Mushy “Sons of Acid”, Sons of Acid EP, Of Unsound Mind, 2018
  26. Tiger Stripes “Haunted”, Jack My Yum EP, Hot Creations, 2018
  27. Mickey Pearce “Rinsed – Edit”, Club Tools 001 EP, Box of Toys, 2018
  28. Tracey “Transit”, Outcome EP, Intergraded, 2018
  29. Lion’s Drums “Naa”, - single, Hivern Discs, 2018
  30. Ryan Crosson & Cesar Merveille “Nordic Bummers (Clovis Remix)”, Cerulean Remixes EP, Visionquest, 2018
  31. Till Von Sein “Don”, 1977 Love EP, Suol, 2018
  32. Johannes Albert “Rainbow Pan”, The Dancing Plague EP, Needwant, 2018
  33. Honey Dijon & Tim K feat. Nomi Ruiz “Why (DJ Seinfeld Remix)”, Xtra album, Classic Music Company, 2018
  34. Versalife “Missing Link”, Soul of the Atomaton Pt. 3 EP, Transcendent, 2018
  35. Jazzuelle & Card on Spokes feat. LUMA “Circles (Jus Jam Remix)”, Circles (Remixes) single, Get Physical, 2018
  36. Kaldera & Lazarusman “Oceans of My Mind”, Oceans of my Mind single, HMWL, 2018
  37. Alex Virgo “Sexy Boy (Heartthrob Remix)”, Sexy Boy single, &Friends, 2018
  38. Hugo LX “Desire”, Desiderata EP, MCDE Recordings, 2018
  39. Rick Wade “Inner Most”, Passion Play EP, Shall Not Fade, 2018
  40. Maenad Veyl “Vertigo”, Not What You See, Not What You Feel EP, VEYL, 2018
  41. Fleck E.S.C. “Night and Day”, Discrete Opinion EP, Central Processing Unit, 2018
  42. YancityGurl “Cutie”, DT011: DIRTY TAPES FROM RUSSIA compilation, Dirty Tapes, 2017
  43. Folamour “La Pierre et le Sabre”, Oyabun EP, Moonrise Hill Material, 2017
  44. Dream Cycle “Start Like it’s Hot”, Part One EP, Sneaker Social Club, 2017
  45. Chaos in the CBD “Phantom Melodies”, Constraints of Time Travel single, Church, 2015
  46. Sev Dah “Kozarcanka”, Proletarijat 006 single, Proletarijat, 2018
  47. Terence FM “Feelin’ Kinda High”, Ralph Lawson & Tristan Da Cunha present Back to Basics Rare Classics compilation, 20/20 Vision Recordings, 2018 (song originally from 1996)
  48. French Fries “Predador”, Arma EP, YounGunZ Entertainment, 2010
  49. Jamie Grind “Rum’n’Raisin (Hackman Remix)”, Rum’n’Raisin single, Wicked Bass Digital, 2012
  50. Akasha System “Warmth”, Temple Images album, Akasha System, 2018
  51. Mall Grab “Catching Feelings”, Pool Party Music single, Hot Haus Recs, 2017
  52. Loure “Mutual Motion”, Smooth Talk EP, Apparel Music, 2018
  53. Roman Flügel “Church of Dork”, Monday Brain EP, Hypercolour, 2015
  54. Baltra “Never Let Go (of Me)”, LL003 compilation, Lit Level, 2017
  55. DJ ICE TITS “Der Steppenwolf”, The DJ ICE TITS is a Reasonable Person EP, Partial Magic, 2017
  56. Etch “Untitled Hardcore #2”, Untitled Hardcore EP, Sneaker Social Club, 2016
  57. Maxine & Cleo “Flynn Rhythm”, Mad Blanc single, Curious City Music, 2015
  58. Basic Rhythm “Suburban Bass”, The Basics album, Type, 2017
  59. Rimbaudian “Drop It on Em”, Letters EP, Ten Thousand Yen, 2017
  60. Tuff Sherm “Marrow”, Shrapnel Manifesto album, Merok, 2013
  61. Yung Acid “Anne Clark”, Петля compilation, Get Busy!, 2018
  62. Batu “Stairwells”, Eraser/Stairwells single, Cold Recordings, 2013
  63. Claro Intelecto “Thieves”, Warehouse Sessions album, Modern Love, 2009
  64. Jensen Interceptor feat. Francis Xavier “System Addict (SCNTST Remix)”, System Addict single, Motorik Records, 2014
  65. Skee Mask “50 Euro to Break Boost”, Compro album, Ilian Tape, 2018
  66. Actress “BLUE WINDOW”, AZD album, Ninja Tune, 2017
  67. Earth Trax “Deprive Me of Air”, I Gave You Everything EP, Shall Not Fade, 2017
  68. Adryiano “Wanna Give U”, Dreams With EP, Shall Not Fade, 2018
  69. Loure “In the Evenings (Hidden Spheres Remix)”, Westside Movements EP, Noire & Blanche, 2017
  70. Joy Orbison & Ben Vince “Systems Align”, Transition 2/Systems Align single, Hessle Audio, 2018
  71. Frits Wentink & DJ Boring “Oli Coony”, Wasted Years of Pumping Iron single, Bobby Donny, 2018
  72. DJ Huere “Outsider Resource”, Outsider Resource single, All My Thoughts, 2016
  73. Locked Groove “Wandering in a Cage”, Enigma EP, Hotflush, 2014
  74. Ross From Friends “Gettin’ it Done”, You’ll Understand EP, Distant Hawaii, 2016
  75. DJ Python “Cuál”, Dulce Compañia album, Incienso, 2017
  76. A Made Up Sound “Peace Offering”, Bygones/Peace Offering single, A Made Up Sound, 2016
  77. Claude Speeed “A Different Point of View”, Modeselektion Vol. 4 compilation, Monkeytown/Ninja Tune, 2018
  78. Mira Calix “Only”, Peel Session EP, Warp, 2000
  79. Kornél Kovács “Babasonic”, Metropolis single, Unknown to the Unknown, 2018
  81. Wata Igarashi “Train of Thought”, Question and Answer EP, The Bunker New York, 2018
  82. DJ Swagger “Lituation”, Greatest Hits single, Natural Sciences, 2017
  83. Cyborg 95 “Cyborg’s Theme”, Ultratek EP, Lobster Theremin, 2018
  84. Albert van Abbe “Klangbilder 4”, Klangbilder EP, Echocord Colour, 2018

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started listening last night! love the tracklist - it's funny you played that DJ Python track; Nick turned me onto that very same tune.

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That whole DJ Python album is amazing (a lot of the tracks are much slower though). 

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My apologies, I forgot there are download links for my shows!




Thanks for the nice words everyone! Friday’s show went 4 hours. Will post show 

<3  :music:

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Decided to put a goofoff mix up I did today. It's all in C (no Terry Riley). Don't have to hear me yap on this one. Tracklist to come (don't have time atm to write it out).




Download link:  https://app.box.com/s/5zz0bkck183wtam86jmdzk3j2hiemyzr



  1. Orson Wells “Never Lonely No More”, Never Lonely No More single, Live at Robert Johnson, 2013
  2. Interplanetary Criminal “Shawty”, Intergalactic Jack EP, E-Beamz, 2017
  3. Pletnev “Thrown Furniture”, Thrown Furniture EP, Luke Hopper, 2017
  4. Plaid “Ol”, Not for Threes album, Warp, 1997
  5. Crysta Nagahori “Do U Believe in Pure Love?”, Pure Half Glass single, Diskotopia, 2018
  6. Marko Furstenberg “Unnamed”, V/A – 0/10 Anniversary compilation, Baum, 2018
  7. Melé “Sunshowers”, Sunshowers EP, Snatch Records, 2017
  8. Earth Trax “L'Avventura”, L’Avventura EP, Phonica, 2017
  9. Khotin “You Could Feel the Sky”, Vitebsk single, Normals Welcome, 2014
  10. WEN “Push Back”, Tempa All-Stars Vol. 7 compilation, Tempa, 2014
  11. Physical Therapy “Val E of the Dolls”, Million Years Crushed single, Allergy Season, 2014
  12. NGLY “I Don't Have a Soul”, NGLY EP, L.I.E.S., 2014
  13. VOIRON “Bricobrut”, Djedjotronic Presents Interstate 101 compilation, Boyznoize, 2014
  14. Griffit Vigo “Gqomu 5”, The Originators compilation, Gqom Oh!, 2017
  15. Nightmares On Wax “Aftermath (LFO Remix)”, Aftermath single, Warp, 1990
  16. Alland Byallo “Led From Here”, Ten Years After compilation, Moma, 2018
  17. James Organ “Gospel909”, Street Trax #1 compilation, W&O Street Tracks, 2018
  18. Paul Woolford “Heaven & Earth - Part 2”, Heaven & Earth single, AUS Music, 2016
  19. DJ Swagger “Glock & Gualla”, Greatest Hits single, Natural Sciences, 2017
  20. Loure “Needs”, Smooth Talk EP, Apparel Music, 2018
  21. Baltra “Fade Away (Vocal)”, Knowes Universal Broadcast (Seg. 1) compilation, Craigie Knowes, 2016
  22. DJ Lilocox “Samba”, Paz & Amor EP, Principe Discos, 2018
  23. LR Groove “Device”, Marcus Nasty Presents:  Tribal Brothers EP compilation, Nervous Horizon, 2018
  24. Sean Miller “Malabar”, The House Drop compilation, Tsuba Records, 2017
  25. Benjamin Damage “No Snares”, Antitdote single, Solva Records, 2011
  26. Silk 86 “Rhapsody”, The Other Side EP, Shall Not Fade, 2018
  27. Chaos In The CBD “Never Do”, Waves single, Southern Fried Records, 2011
  28. Pastiche “Street Lights”, RUFFHOUSE001 EP, Ruffhouse Munich, 2017


Edited by Taupe Beats

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Fun does not stop, the Baltra track from the last mix made me want to do another one this week:




download link:  https://app.box.com/s/u413ot542t55kjgmltzt8v5qbunellt9


1. Baltra “Fade Away (Vocal)”, Knowes Universal Broadcast (Seg. 1) compilation, Craigie Knowes, 2016
2. Nick Holder “I Once Believed In U”, From Within album, NRK Sound Division, 1999
3. Dream Cycle “Paradise State”, Part One EP, Sneaker Social Club, 2017
4. Breach “Nico”, Culture single, NKDLTD, 2018
5. Mangabey “GUFM (Folamour Remix)”, Chicago Memory EP, Toytonics, 2018
6. DJ Heure “Rue de Saintonge”, Mechta EP, Lobster Theremin, 2017
7. Light Year feat. Louisahhh “Inside (Mr G Remix)”, Day after Day single, Convex Industries, 2015
8. Physical Therapy “The Hard Break”, Side Effects May Include: compilation, Allergy Season, 2017
9. Tickles “Life Line”, Apple Grumble/Life Line single, Kicks & Snares, 2017
10. Wata Igarashi “Outburst”, Question and Answer EP, The Bunker New York, 2018
11. Trinidadian Deep “Abourisha”, About You single, Burek, 2018
12. Hugo Massien “Swerve 2”, No Return EP, E-Beamz, 2017
13. GoldFFinch “Tip the Dog”, Tip the Dog/Outer Twigs single, Saigon Recordings, 2012
14. Randomer “Rendell Pips”, Running Dry single, Dekmantel, 2016
15. Hugo LX “Dee”, Desiderata EP, MCDE Recordings, 2018
16. Maenad Veyl “Conflict Construct”, Not What You See, Not What You Feel EP, VEYL, 2018
17. Blawan “Kalosi”, Wet Will Always Dry album, Ternesc, 2018
18. Khotin “Strange Plant”, Aloe Drink EP, Public Release Recordings, 2018
19. Ephemeral “Common Grounds”, Sunshine Comes After Rain single, Berlin Bass Collective, 2017
20. Or:la “UK Lonely”, UK Lonely EP, Hotflush, 2016
21. Ethiopian Records “Feluha”, Qen Sew EP, 1432 R, 2014
22. DJ Swagger “21st Century Slow Jam”, Needs 001 compilation, Needs, 2017
23. Ryan James Ford “Masthead”, AWRY003 compilation, AWRY, 2018
24. Melé “Moog Beat (DJ Boring Remix)”, Tribal Trax EP, Unknown to the Unknown, 2018
25. Limit “Limit#05”, LIMIT album, Halocene Trance, 2016
Radio show this Friday, 8-10pm CST/2-4am GMT www.sub.fm Tune in!

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DAMN! These are epic as fuk! I'll be diving into them soon.


Think I might be frequenting the board more often, been missin it.



Definitely missing Bronchu, Calcutta, and Joyrex action.

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hey Atop! I remember the first time I heard about watmm - it was on your computer, ca. 2002

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Friday’s SubFM show:




download link: https://archive.sub.fm/taupe-beats-02-aug-2018/


1. Lackluster “LL200105B”, Detro EP, Nice & Nasty, 2011

2. Parviz “L'estaque”, Alerte À Babylone EP, FHUO, 2017

3. DJ Swagger “Holly Tool”, Book of Res EP, E-Beamz, 2017

4. Creatures of Shaun “Out of Orbit”, Mind Over Matters EP, Visionquest, 2018

5. Demuja “Let Me Turn Around”, Turn Around EP, Toy Tonics, 2018

6. Tuff Sherm “Squire's Skull”, Squire’s Skull EP, Normals Welcome, 2016

7. DJ Aakmael “Beautiphul”, Beautiphul EP, Church, 2016

8. Rimbaudian “I Said Goodbye to Dreams of You at the Shore”, Letters EP, Ten Thousand Yen, 2017

9. Paul C “Dubstarr”, Moon Harbour Inhouse Vol. 8 compilation, Moon Harbour Recordings, 2018

10. Breach “Man Up”, Fatherless single, RAMP, 2010

11. Chaos in the CBD “DeLorean Dreams (Legowelt By A Light House Remix)”, Delorean Dreams single, Hot Haus Records, 2014

12. Naco “OIZB”, 2026 EP, Scuffed Recordings, 2018

13. bottoms “Boring (Soft Pink Truth Remix)”, Goodbye Remixes album, Atlas Chair, 2015

14. L.B. Dub Corp “Forever in a Day”, Side Effects album, Mote Evolver, 2018

15. Baltra “Fade Away (Vocal)”, Knowes Universal Broadcast (Seg. 1) compilation, Craigie Knowes, 2016

16. Schegg “Coming Home”, My Home EP, Boutade Musique, 2018

17. Melé “Voulezvouz”, Mugged EP, Grizzly, 2011

18. Helena Hauff “29acid3”, A Tape album, Dark Entries, 2017

19. Solardo “Fall Down (MK Remix)”, Fall Down single, Hot Creations, 2017

20. Crysta Nagahori “Half Moon”, Pure Half Glass single, Diskotopia, 2018

21. Huerco S. “Elma (Ruff Rub)”, Untitled EP, Opal Tapes, 2012

22. Ray Kandinksi “Can’t Ask”, Fragment EP, Isaiah Tapes, 2016

23. Paranoid London “We Ain’t”, Paranoid London album, Paranoid London, 2014

24. DJ Boring “Lonely Valentine”, Different Dates EP, Shall Not Fade, 2017

25. Rick Wade “Guardian of Forever”, Guardian of Forever EP, Shall Not Fade, 2018

26. Etch “Untitled Hardcore #4”, Untitled Hardcore EP, Sneaker Social Club, 2016

27. Camea “NAF 97”, NAF 97 EP, Neverwhere, 2018

28. DJ Spider “Struggles with Phantoms”, Wire Head EP, Rekids, 2018

29. Mosca “Bax”, Done Me Wrong/Bax single, Numbers, 2011

30. Vyvyan “Source Rocks (Paul Woolford’s 48hr fever dream)”, Source Rocks single, Me Me Me, 2018

31. Roska “I Need Love”, Rinse Presents Roska single, Rinse, 2010

32. Mr. Tickles “Citrus (Don’t Get Lemon)”, Don’t Get Lemon EP, Roska Kicks & Snares, 2012

33. Guy Andrews “Shades”, Shades/Textures single, Hemlock, 2011

34. Primitive World “Dancetaria”, Dancetaria EP, Black Acre, 2012

35. Lake Haze “S.M.H”, Somewhere Between Shadows EP, Shall Not Fade, 2018

36. Via Maris “CU2”, Glow Wall/CU2 single, Livity Sound, 2018

37. Kiani & His Legion “Electric (Fatima Yamaha Remix)”, The Paper Unicorn EP, Something Happening Somewhere, 2016

38. Imre Kiss “Non”, Raw Energy EP, Lobster Theremin, 2014

39. Ceephax Acid Crew “Commuter”, United Acid Emirates album, Planet Mu, 2010

40. 1-800 GIRLS “Just Cause”, Just Cause single, 1-800 GIRLS, 2017

41. Storage Media “Track 002”, 001-4 EP, E-Beamz, 2017

42. Claro Intelecto “Quiet Life”, Reform Club album, Delsin, 2012

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oof! I can't keep up buddy!


Discovering lots of good artists, thx for sharing.

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Thanks y'all, t means a lot!


Doing a cover on SubFM right now, change of pace set if ya wanna check, gonna be on for about the next 3 hours, tune in!



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Yay it was uploaded quickly. This is way looser (and at times sloppier) than my normal shows/mixes. 




Download link:  https://archive.sub.fm/taupe-beats-10-aug-2018/


1. Ohbliv “On The Edge”, LewseJoints VI, Fat Beats, 2017
2. Squarepusher “Plaistow Flex Out”, Go Plastic album, Warp, 2001
3. Luke Vibert “Lover's Acid”, Lover’s Acid album, Planet-µ, 2005
4. Nas “The World Is Yours”, Illmatic album, Columbia, 1994
5. Aphex Twin “Alberto Balsalm”, I Care Because You Do album, Warp, 1995
6. Devin The Dude “Cooter Brown”, To tha X-Treme album, Rap-a-Lot, 2004
7. Buttechno “Poleva”, Super Siziy King EP, The Trilogy Tapes, 2017
8. Lackluster “Too Loose”, Wrapping album, deFocus, 2002
9. Fabel “Reset”, Sinestesia EP, Haunt Music, 2015
10. Compton's Most Wanted “It's A Compton Thang”, It’s a Compton Thang! album, Orpheus/EMI, 1990
11. Equiknoxx “Enter a Raffle... Win a Falafel”, Colón Man album, DDS, 2017
12. Autechre “6IE.CR”, Draft 7.30 album, Warp, 2003
13. Ölafur Arnalds & Alice Sara Ott “Written In Stone”, The Chopin Project album, Mercury Classics, 2015
14. Actress “Corner”, Ghettoville album, Werk Discs/Ninja Tune, 2014
15. Ohbliv “On the Threshold”, LewseJoints V album, Fat Beats, 2016
16. Cam’ron feat. Kanye West & Syleena Johnson “Down and Out”, Purple Haze album, Roc-a-Fella, 2004
17. Handbook “Nightlife”, Holding You/Nightlife single, Fragrant Sage, 2017
18. Req “I Seek”, Sketchbook album, Warp, 2002
19. OutKast “Elevators (Me & You)”, ATLiens album, LaFace, 1996
20. Lexaunculpt “Oddrey Merged”, The Blurring of Trees album, Planet-µ, 2003
21. Zephire “Laid Law”, SmallPrint Vol. 3 compilation, SmallPrint, 2017
22. Helena Hauff “Hdowed”, A Tape album, Handmade Birds, 2015
23. UGK “It's Supposed to Bubble”, Super Tight album, Jive, 1994
24. Plaid “Buddy”, Rest Proof Clockwork album, Warp, 1999
25. LTJ Bukem “Music (Peshay Rework)”, Nexus Records, 1996
26. Physical Therapy feat. Jamies Krasner “Drone On”, Safety Net EP, Hippos in Tanks, 2012
27. Seba & Manos “Always”, Etherall/Always single, Paradox Music, 2018
28. Skee Mask “Soundboy Ext.”, Compro album, Ilian Tape, 2018
29. Dillinja “Hard Noize”, Fluid/Hard Noize single, Test Recordings, 1998
30. Photek “Axiom”, Modus Operandi album, Virgin, 1997
31. Rognvald “The New Selecta”, The New Selecta Vol. 1 EP, Love Love Records, 2018
32. Roni Size “It's Jazzy (Nu:Tone Remix)”, It's Jazzy (Nu:Tone Remix) / I Can't Stop (Zero T Remix) single, Liquid V, 2009
33. Prefuse 73 “Smile in Your Face”, Vocal Studies and Uprock Narratives album, Warp, 2001
34. Horse Opera “House of the Jazz”, 3 Cornered Room EP, Planet-µ, 1998
35. µ-Ziq “Catkin and Teasel”, Lunatic Harness album, Planet-µ/Hut, 1997
36. Squarepusher “Fat Controller”, Hard Normal Daddy album, Warp, 1997
37. Murkage Dave “You Always Ring Me When I'm Busy (Zed Bias Remix)”, You Always Ring Me When I’m Busy single, Murkage Dave, 2018
38. Kaldera & Lazarusman “Oceans of My Mind”, Oceans of My Mind single, Hmwl, 2018
39. Flava D “Home”, Hold On/Home single, Butterz, 2013
40. Chaos In The CBD “In Between”, Dusty Sundays EP, Amadeus, 2012
41. Lucas Welle “19 Degrees North”, MMXVI compilation, Neo Apparatus, 2017
42. Michael Jackson “Beat It”, Thriller album, Epic, 1982
43. Randomer “Smokin”, Smokin’ single, Long Island Electrical Systems, 2017
44. Two Lone Swordsmen “Neuflex”, Tiny Reminders album, Warp, 2000
45. Tlim Shug “Funeral Errday”, Split EP, E-Beamz, 2016
46. Midnight Star “Freak-A-Zoid”, Freak-A-Zoid single, Solar, 1983
47. Dynamix II “Arrival Of Bass”, Arrival of Bass/Purple Beats single, Dynamix II Records, 1990
48. Champion feat. Riko Dan “Landslide”, Landslide single, Lobster Boy, 2017
49. Pearson Sound “Blanked”, Blanked/Blue Eyes single, Hessle Audio, 2010
50. Rufus & Chaka Khan “Any Love”, Masterjam album, MCA, 1979
51. DJ Haus “C'mon Letz Work”, Artificial Intelligence album, Rinse, 2016
52. Fingers Inc. “Can You Feel It”, Can You Feel It single, Jack Trax, 1988
53. The Other People Place “Moonlight Rendezvous”, Lifestyles of the Laptop Café EP, Warp, 2001
54. Roy of the Ravers “Emotinium”, 2 Late 4 Love EP, Acid Waxa, 2016
55. Whitney Houston “I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)”, Whitney album, Arista, 1987
56. Desert “Sense Likes (Baltra Remix)”, Sense Likes single, Cascine, 2017
57. NGLY “I Don't Have a Soul”, NGLY EP, Long Island Electrical Systems, 2014
58. Tears For Fears “Pale Shelter (2nd Single Version)”, The Hurting album, Mercury, 1983
59. Pet Shop Boys “Say it to Me (Tom Demac Remix)”, Say it to Me single, X2, 2016
60. Lizzie Curious “Sunshine Feels So Good”, The Yacht Week Vol. 4 compilation, Cr2, 2015
61. Rimbaudian “I Would Do Everything I Did Again and Again”, Letters EP, Ten Thousand Yen, 2017
62. DJ Aakmael “Birdland”, After Midnight EP, Unified Records, 2007
63. Joy Orbison “Donell”, free download (no label), 2013
64. Señor Coconut “Smoke on the Water”, Fiesta Songs album, Multicolor Recordings, 2003
65. Demuja “Noodle Loop”, Wanted EP, MUJA, 2016
66. Paul Valentin feat. Search Yiu “Inner Harm (Locked Groove Remix)”, Inner Harm EP, Dark Matters, 2016
67. Palms Trax “Outflight”, Dance 2017, Pt. 3 single, Secretsundaze, 2017
68. Gacha Bakradze “Image (Earth Trax Ambient Mix)”, Restless EP, Ajunadeep, 2018

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My show from last night. Thought it turned out well. Lots of new and classic tunes on this, worth checking out. Enjoy!




Direct download link:  https://archive.sub.fm/taupe-beats-17-aug-2018/


1. Angkorwat “I Hope He Had”, The Outer Church compilation, Front and Follow, 2013
2. Rezzett “Zik Zak”, EP 2, The Trilogy Tapes, 2018
3. Luomo “Tessio (Akufen Remix)”, Tessio single, Force Tracks, 2003
4. Yan Cook “Reef”, Perfect Mess EP, Cooked, 2018
5. Jacky Mingo, Kapote “Make It Hot”, Mushroom House – EP5 compilation, Toy Tonics, 2018
6. Cameo “It's Serious”, We All Know Who We Are album, Chocolate City, 1977
7. Moon Boots feat. KONA “Fortune Teller (Baltra Remix)”, First Landing (Remixed) album, Ajunadeep, 2018
8. Shea “Redsky Porch”, Forest Flame EP, Online Conversations, 2018
9. Supreems “When Two Souls Reach”, Close Your Eyes (and Feel) EP, Lobster Theremin, 2018
10. Black Gold Buffalo “Lay It Down (Ghost Culture Remix)”, Lay it Down (Remixes) single, Batty Bass, 2018
11. Anthony Fade “No Smoke”, Fading EP, Shall Not Fade, 2018
12. Julien Sandre “Restless”, Serendipity EP, Home Invasion, 2017
13. youANDme feat. Gjaezon “That Bass”, That Bass single, Rejected, 2018
14. Demuja “I Had No”, Soul Brother EP, Shall Not Fade, 2018
15. RnR “Tap4”, Dream House Tropicana Volume 4 compilation, Blind Jacks Journey, 2017
16. Blair Sound Design “Silph Scope”, Console Humidity EP, Lobster Theremin, 2018
17. Memotone “Golden”, The Rounded Room album, Black Acre, 2018
18. Ø [Phase] “Search Party”, Boundary Interactions EP, Token, 2018
19. Alan Fitzpatrick “In Excess”, System Addict EP, Unknown to the Unknown, 2018
20. VONDA7 “Analog Heart”, Analog Heart single, Kneaded Pains, 2018
21. University Acid Squad “Track3”, 2017 EP, Partial Magic, 2017
22. Harrison BDP “Hard Boiled”, Confusion of Sound EP, Piff Records, 2018
23. Cylob “Diof”, Cylobian Sunset album, Rephlex, 1996
24. Interplanetary Criminal “Get Money”, Get Money EP, Seagrave, 2018
25. Youthman (29) “Aemilia”, Press by the Group compilation, The Press Group, 2018
26. Bludwork “Rage Within”, Rage Within single, Chainsaw Corporation, 2017
27. Matthew Dear “Huffing Stuff”, Leave Luck to Heaven album, Ghostly International, 2003
28. Deep88 “Tape HiFi”, V/A [DSK001] compilation, Dusky Adriatic, 2017
29. Rupert Marnie “Ham (on rye)”, Masala EP, The Press Group, 2015
30. Wayne Scott & Manhunt “King of Sleaze (Tessuto Dance Dance Remix)”, King of Sleaze single, MEMNTGN, 2018
31. Iron Curtis “Sweet Romancer”, Sweet Romancer EP, Uncanny Valley, 2018
32. Vibe Killers “Violator”, Violator single, HOTTRAX, 2017
33. Jody Barr “Marlon Brando (Audition Tape Edit)”, Marlon Brando single, Last Night on Earth, 2018
34. Two Lone Swordsmen “Rico's Helly”, The Fifth Mission (Return to the Flightpath Estate) album, Emissions Audio Output, 1996
35. Serena Butler “Globular Hymen”, We Want Neither Clean Hands nor Beautiful Souls EP, Stroboscopic Artefacts, 2018
36. MTRLV “The World in Her Eyes”, The Only One I Think About EP, Too Rough 4 Radio, 2017
37. Req “Train Jam”, Daily Beats 3 EP, Skint, 1999
38. Lake Haze “Unknown Locations”, Natural Insight EP, Crème Organization, 2016
39. Ohio Players “Walt's First Trip”, Pleasure album, Westbound Records, 1972
40. Da Soul Boyz “Nightmares (Step Down)”, Welcome to Durban EP, Nervous Horizon, 2018
41. DJ OK “Atmosphere”, 00:AM, Vol. 2 compilation, 00:AM, 2018
42. Clinton Affair “Crystals”, Obsession album, Clinton Affair, 2017
43. Ex-Terrestrial “Urth Man”, Urth Born EP, Pacific Rhythm, 2018
44. Tom Demac “It Never Rains”, VI single, XII series, 2017
45. Tlim Shug “Rep”, ALWAYS PROPER – THERAPY SESSIONS VOL. 3 compilation, ALWAYS PROPER, 2018
46. Linkwood “Object (Ghosts of The Sky Remix)”, Expressions Remixes Pt. 1 single, Firecracker Recordings, 2015
47. Russell Haswell “Heavy Handed Sunset (Autechre 'Conformity Version')”, As Sure As Night Follows Day (Remixes) single, Diagonal, 2015
48. Slim Steve “Bigger Than Me”, If Your Girl Only Knew EP, E-Beamz, 2017
49. Geeze ’n’ Gosh “Soul of Mine”, My Life With Jesus album, Mille Plateaux, 2000
50. DJ Aakmael “Daydreeming (Rimbaudian Remix)”, Daydreaming EP, Freerange, 2016
51. Djrum feat. Zosia Jagodzinska “Creature, Pt. 2”, Portrait with Firewood album, R&S Records, 2018
52. S-DM “La Teoria del Caos”, Southside EP, E-Beamz, 2017
53. Junior Fairplay “End of Love (Roy of the Ravers Remix 2)”, Muestra Especial single, Emotional Especial, 2018
54. Posthuman “Wake Up (Acid Mix)”, Wake Up EP, Balkan Vinyl, 2018
55. Maximilli0n “Contraxia (Joi)”, panelák EP, Methuselah Records, 2018
56. The Cyclist “Ivory”, Alabaster Thrones EP, 100% Silk, 2018
57. Marco Faraone “Find the Song”, Justice EP, Rekids, 2018
58. Luuk Van Dijk “Place to Be”, The Snake EP, VIVa MUSiC, 2018
59. MYR “I Think I Hear Them Coming”, Diamondbacks Make Wonderful Pets album, PNN, 2015
60. Delroy Edwards “Swingin the Bitch”, Aftershock album, Long Island Electrical Systems, 2018
61. Jacques Renault “One More Time”, BK Club Beats, Breaks & Versions album, Let’s Play House, 2018
62. No_4mat “Smog and Palm”, Quarter EP, DISSOLUTE, 2018
63. Chevel “Mercurial”, In a Rush and Mercurial album, Enklav, 2018
64. TRP “Service”, Gunz EP, Unknown to the Unknown, 2017
65. Earth Trax & Newborn Jr feat. Annjet “If You (Club Mix)”, If You EP, Shall Not Fade, 2018
66. Vactrol Park “Novikov’s Notation”, Music from the Luminous Void EP, Malka Tuti, 2018
67. Joakim Hellgren “Vision Sequence II”, Treebank EP, Beachy Head, 2018
68. Kinesthesia “Flicklife (Cylob Remix)”, Empathy Box Remixes EP, Rephlex, 1996
69. Earthboogie “High Minded Man (Gerd Janson Deep House Dub)”, The Remixes single, Leng Records, 2018
70. Flava D “Pick Pocket”, Spicy Noodles EP, Night Bass Records, 2018
71. Quasar “The Cottonfield Blue”, Cottonfield EP, QCK Records, 2017
72. DJ Spielberg “Useful Powder”, NSD001 compilation, NSD, 2018
73. Vonica “Swing State”, Sol de Nit EP, Lamela Records, 2018
74. Bostro Pesopeo “Ho Ponos (Original Mix)”, Bostro’s Belters EP, Belters, 2018
75. Earth Boys “Big Time (Khotin's Omega Trek Mix)”, Trail Remix EP, Public Release Recordings, 2017
76. Dâm-Funk “Bounce”, Architecture II EP, Glydezone Recordings, 2018
77. OSKAR. “A12”, Hamburg Elektronisch – Spring 17 EP, Hamburg Elektronisch, 2017
78. Fret “List Is Full”, Silent Neighbour EP, Long Island Electrical Systems, 2018
79. KXVU “Sukai”, Jaguar/Sukai single, 877 Records, 2018
80. Inwards “Ican Culture”, Diesel/Ican Culture single, Small Pond, 2018
81. SCNTST “Flight”, Puffer album, Boyznoize Records, 2015

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Friday's SubFM show




Direct download link:  https://archive.sub.fm/taupe-beats-31-aug-2018/

  1. Hugo Massien “Circles (Going In)”, Where Your Body Begins EP, E-Beamz, 2018
  2. Plaid “Ol”, Not For Threes album, Warp, 1997
  3. Dez Williams “Familiar Circumstances”, Against Your Will EP, Bedouin Records, 2018
  4. GoldFFinch “Point de Vue”, The Volume EP, Saigon Recordings, 2013
  5. Charly Black “Gyal You A Party Animal (Champion remix)”, Gyal You A Party Animal (The Club Remixes) single, Allezgo, 2016
  6. Person Of Interest “In Vitro”, Neurogenesis EP, Long Island Electrical Systems, 2018
  7. Naked Boys “Divorce”, The Originators compilation, Gqom Oh!, 2017
  8. Actress “FANTASYNTH”, AZD album, Ninja Tune, 2017
  9. Boston 168 “Cybernetics”, Phenomena, Pt. 2 EP, ODD EVEN, 2018
  10. DJ Windows XP “Well Sometimes”, Sometimes I Feel Happy, Sometimes Sad EP, Who’s Susan V.O.F., 2017
  11. Rad Bit “Garouse”, Bass and Superstructure:  Shifting Peaks 2010-2015 compilation, Shifting Peaks, 2015
  12. Bakongo “Tee Oh Ell’, Grind single, Quadrants, 2016
  13. Ray Kandinski “Needless to Say, Pt. 2”, Needless to Say EP, E-Beamz, 2017
  14. DJ Aakmael “13th Mood”, Beautiphul EP, Church, 2016
  15. Chaos in the CBD “Multiverse”, Multiverse EP, Idwt Recordings, 2018
  16. Two Lone Swordsmen “Machine Maid”, Tiny Reminders album, Warp, 2000
  17. No_4mat “Good Year”, Quarter EP, DISSOLUTE, 2018
  18. Apparel Wax “004A1”, 4 EP, Apparel Music, 2018
  19. Randomer “Stalker”, Real Talk EP, Numbers, 2011
  20. Baltra “No Regrets”, No Regrets EP, Of Paradise, 2017
  21. Thermal “Life Saver Pt 2”, Never Saw That Mountain EP, Berlin Bass Collective, 2018
  22. Karizma “Holy (Let's Not Play) (Kaytronik's Tribute to Romanthony Dub)”, Beats & Bobs Vol. 7 EP, R2, 2018
  23. Sailor & I “Rivers (Paul Woolford Remix)”, Rivers (Paul Woolford Remix) single, BMG, 2017
  24. Aphex Twin “Green Calx”, Selected Ambient Works ’85-’92, R&S, 1992
  25. Pearson Sound “Robin Chasing Butterflies”, Robin Chasing Butterflies EP, Pearson Sound, 2017
  26. Baltra “Fade Away (Vocal)”, Knowes Universal Broadcast (Seg. 1) compilation, Craigie Knowes, 2016
  27. Amir Alexander “Butterfly (The Monarch)”, The Butterfly single, Argot, 2016
  28. DJ Seinfeld “Wombat Bounce”, Ruff Hysteria EP, Natural Sciences, 2017
  29. Tlim Shug “Funeral Errday”, Split EP, E-Beamz, 2016
  30. Rambl “Doss (Sly Faux Remix)”, Doss single, Here to Hell, 2018
  31. Earth Trax & Newborn Jr. “Maze”, Maze EP, Dopeness Galore, 2018
  32. Jon Convex “Transient”, Anger Levels EP, BNR TRAX, 2015
  33. SCNTST “Emotion”, Premelodic Structures EP, Boysnoize, 2012
  34. Errorsmith “No Ice”, Near Disco Dawn album, Errorsmith, 2004
  35. YancityGurl “Mess”, Shadow Medium EP, Opal Tapes, 2016
  36. Physical Therapy “Whitelabel”, Whitelabel EP, Grizzly, 2013
  37. Octo Octa “Adrift”, Adrift single, Honey Soundsystem, 2017
  38. Bwana “Three Way is the Hard Way”, Three Way is the Hard Way EP, 17 Steps, 2017
  39. DJ Lag “Daisies”, The Originators compilation, Gqom Oh!, 2017
  40. Sweet Exorcist “Testone”, Testone EP, Warp, 1989
  41. Lake Haze “Her Pale Skin Glowing on the Dancefloor”, Somewhere Between Shadows EP, Shall Not Fade, 2018
  42. Sweely “Blue Faces”, All the Reasons EP, Lobster Theremin, 2017
  43. Helena Hauff “The Smell of Suds and Steel”, Qualm album, Ninja Tune, 2018
  44. Two Lone Swordsmen “We Change the Frequency”, Stay Down album, Warp, 1998
  45. Mall Grab “Kalumbo”, I Just Wanna EP, Hot Haus Records, 2016
  46. Headless Ghost “Basik Fire”, Frontend EP, Clone Royal Oak, 2013
  47. Loure “Step In”, Westside Movements EP, Délicieuse, 2017
  48. TRP “Conscientious”, Things Won’t Change EP, Lobster Theremin, 2018
  49. Jeff Derringer “Tarantula (Claro Intelecto Remix)”, Tarantula single, Perc Trax, 2010
  50. Steevio “Syzygy”, WSDM008 single, Wisdom Teeth, 2018
  51. Mor Elian “Feral Chime”, Persona Non Grata EP, Hypercolour, 2018
  52. Lakker “Three Songs (Kyoka Remix)”, Tundra Remixed EP, R&S, 2015
  53. Emanuel Satie “No Sleep”, Moon Harbour Inhouse Vol. 8 compilation, Moon Harbour, 2018
  54. Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka “Creeper”, Creeper/Infamous single, 50Weapons, 2011
  55. Larry Cadge “Funkin' Always”, We are Smiley Vol. 18 compilation, Smiley Fingers, 2018
  56. Middle “In Your Way”, In Your Way single, Continental Records, 2016
  57. Serena Butler “Brane New World, That Has Such Creatures in It”, From the Cloud to our Bodies EP, Bene Tleilax, 2017
  58. Steven Be Calm “Room with a View”, Room with a View EP, Shall Not Fade, 2018
  59. o9 “Happy Bot”, House of Distraction compilation, Schematic, 2000



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