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Very Old Member (Idi Amin) - New Mixes

Taupe Beats

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Celebrating 100 posts in this thread with last Friday's show. Enjoy!

Download link:  https://archive.sub.fm/taupe-beats-28-aug-2020/

1.    Dro Carey “Healer”, Clear to You/Healer single, self-released, 2020
2.    Jad & The “Yeah Band”, Going Away Party EP, 2MR, 2017
3.    Low Tape “Autumnesia”, Reality Zone EP, Nerang Recordings, 2019
4.    Otik “Antihero”, Thousand Year Stare EP, Gobstopper, 2020
5.    Roy Of The Ravers “Emotinium”, 2 Late 4 Love EP, Acid Waxa, 2016
6.    Elefants “Dice”, V/A 2019 compilation, FOL Records, 2019
7.    Hugo Massien “Touch & Go”, Dance Trax Vol.21 EP, Unknown to the Unknown, 2019
8.    No_4mat “Caught”, Caught single, self-released, 2020
9.    Locked Groove “Swimming Upstream”, Sunset Service album, Hotflush, 2019
10.    Desert “Sense Likes (Baltra Remix)”, Sense Likes single, Cascine, 2017
11.    Vin Sol “Air Rights”, 808 Tele Funk EP, Jupiter4, 2019
12.    DeFeKT “Split My Mind”, Magnetic Resonance EP, Winthorpe Electronics, 2019
13.    Maruwa “5 Am Tool”, Perfect Trail compilation, Snippets Music, 2019
14.    Cromby “As Prescribed”, Dance Trax Vol. 20 EP, Unknown to the Unknown, 2019
15.    Grant “Reflection”, Perception EP, Duke’s Distribution, 2017
16.    Warwick “CTO”, Thinking of You EP, Lobster Theremin, 2020
17.    Huerco S. “Cercy”, Apheleia’s Theme EP, Future Times, 2013
18.    Chaos in the CBD “Come Together”, Come Together EP, In Dust We Trust, 2019
19.    Roza Terenzi “Metal Glo”, Metal Glo EP, Klasse Wrecks, 2019
20.    Pinch “Fortune Tellers”, Border Control EP, Berceuse Heroique, 2019
21.    Randomer “Get Yourself Together”, Scruff Box/Get Yourself Together single, Hemlock, 2012
22.    Interplanetary Criminal “Oh La La”, Nobody EP, Shall Not Fade, 2020
23.    Harrison BDP “The Devil in Disguise”, Cathedrals EP, Shall Not Fade, 2020
24.    Batu & Lurka “Curved”, Curved single, Fringe White, 2020
25.    Bakongo “Bambara”, UK Funky Collection Vol. 1 compilation, Roska Kicks & Snares, 2019
26.    Khotin “Piano Theme” Rhythms of the Pacific Volume 4 compilation, Pacific Rhythm, 2020
27.    Anunaku “Atlas4088”, Stargate EP, 3024, 2020
28.    Tristan Arp “Ingwer”, Pipeline EP, Human Pitch, 2018
29.    KETTAMA “Comeragh Sport”, Dance Trax Vol.23, Unknown to the Unknown, 2019
30.    Maenad Veyl “Take Nothing with You”, Onto Duat EP, Bedouin Records, 2019
31.    Breaka “Steeze Flex”, Breaka 002 EP, self-released, 2020
32.    DJ Fett Burger & DJ Speckgürtel “Ibiza Ritter”, Red Scorpions EP, Clone Royal Oak, 2019
33.    Dampé “Garden”, Garden EP, Dirt Crew Recordings, 2019
34.    Roska “480 BC”, Tectonic Plates Vol 3 compilation, Tectonic, 2012
35.    DJ Seinfeld “U Hold Me Without Touch”, Time Spent Away From U album, Lobster Fury, 2017
36.    Tuff Sherm “Ska Console”, Or.VA1 compilation, Orphan. Records, 2019
37.    Awo Ojiji “Laura's Lodge”, Static Flow EP, Eternal Ocean, 2020
38.    Demuja “Getting Dark”, Rush EP, House Puff, 2017
39.    Ryan James Ford “Dreamcast”, Out of the Wreckage EP, SHUT, 2019


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@Taupe Beatsjust wanted to pop by and thank you for all the sets. I haven’t been so vocal in your thread as I’m still catching up on everything 😂. Me and the missus listened through a couple of your earlier ones tonight and had a blast. 🍻

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8 hours ago, Hugh Mughnus said:

@Taupe Beatsjust wanted to pop by and thank you for all the sets. I haven’t been so vocal in your thread as I’m still catching up on everything 😂. Me and the missus listened through a couple of your earlier ones tonight and had a blast. 🍻

Hell yeah! Thanks for the support!!! 😀

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Last Friday's 4-hour extravaganza! 1st half is a change of pace, enjoy!

Download link:  https://archive.sub.fm/taupe-beats-06-nov-2020/

1.    Nightmares on Wax “Playtime (John McEntire remix)”, Warp 10+3 Remixes compilation, Warp, 1999
2.    Arovane “Eleventh!”, Tides EP, City Centre Offices, 2000
3.    Sepalcure “The Water's Fine”, Make You EP, Hotflush, 2013
4.    DeepWoods “Return of the Pack”, Heavy Rain EP, Energostatic Records, 2015
5.    Etch “Triptych”, Technicolor Daydream EP, Lapsus Records, 2016
6.    AFX “Custodian Discount”, Hangable Auto Bulb EP, Warp, 1995
7.    Autechre “chenc9”, Quaristice album, Warp, 2008
8.    Ticklish “Lost”, Swinging Flavors #3 single, Beat Machine Records, 2016
9.    Skee Mask “Glass Museum”, 2012 EP, Ilian Tape, 2017
10.    Paradon't “N Bun Kan Kan (bld rm)”, Thrd Mpct EP, Disk, 2017
11.    DJ Marfox “Un Bes Bai”, DJ’s Do Guetto Vol. 1 compilation, Príncipe, 2006
12.    DJ Earl “Let's Work”, Open Your Eyes EP, Teklife, 2016
13.    Aphex Twin “Acrid Avid Jam Shred”, I Care Because You Do album, Warp, 1995
14.    J. Albert “Get In, We're Going Out”, New York Dance Music compilation, Towhead Recordings, 2020
15.    DJ Madd “Every Little Thing”, R&F Unlimited EP, Roots & Future, 2015
16.    Sunken Foal “Tucker's Luck”, Friday Syndrome Vol. 1 album, Countersunk, 2012
17.    Amon Tobin “Adrastea Contact (Logos Remix)”, Dark Jovian EP, Ninja Tune, 2015
18.    Addison Groove & DJ Die “Dr Know”, Legion of Boom EP, Gutterfunk, 2016
19.    Clicks & Whistles & Grenier “Supersick Turtle”, free download, self-released, 2013
20.    Rushmore “Super Inaba”, Ours After album, Trax Couture, 2016
21.    Swindle “Copacabana”, Connecta EP, Butterz, 2016
22.    ASC “The Touch (Morning High Remix)”, The Touch single, Auxiliary, 2010
23.    Djrum “Sometime I Share (Space Race Part 3)”, Space Race EP, 2nd Drop, 2016
24.    Slick Shoota “Hardcore Junglist”, War Dub EP, self-released, 2015
25.    Doctor Jeep “Tx”, Dissociate EP, Aufect Recordings, 2016
26.    Elysia Crampton & Rabit “After Woman (for Bartolina Sisa)”, Elysia Crampton Presents:  Demon City EP, Break World Records, 2016
27.    Andy Stott “Expecting”, Luxury Problems EP, Modern Love, 2012
28.    Blackboxx “Story of the Eye”, Slipstream EP, Slime Recordings, 2016
29.    Ohbliv “relic”, blkcodes.prt 2 EP, self-released, 2012
30.    Autechre “Dael”, Tri Repetae EP, Warp, 1995
31.    Nguzunguzu “I Run it / Swagger Barefoot”, Perfect Lullaby Edits Vol. 3 EP, NORELEATION, 2016
32.    Normal Nada “Tarraxinha Da Calopsita v2”, Transmutação Cerebral EP, Príncipe, 2015
33.    Mala “Dedication 365”, Mirrors album, Brownswood Recordings, 2016
34.    Ordinary People “For Love”, From Chill to Deep album, We Love House, 2016
35.    OBESØN “Drugs”, Beyond a Billion Stars album, self-released, 2016
36.    Kush Jones “Acid Jungle ID”, New York Dance Music compilation, Towhead Recordings, 2020
37.    Boards of Canada “gyroscope”, Geogaddi album, Warp, 2002
38.    Yellow Magic Orchestra “Rap Phenomena”, BGM EP, EMI, 1981
39.    Uabos “Emergency Call (Legowelt Remix)”, Top Tracks Vol. 4 compilation, Toy Tonics, 2017
40.    Gerry Read “We Are”, We Are single, Fourth Wave, 2011
41.    Huerco S. “Cercy”, Apheleia’s Theme EP, Future Times, 2013
42.    SAMRAI meets RUF DUG “1st Observation (Hashman Deejay remix)”, Hashman Deejay & Zanzibar Chanel Rmx’s EP, Unknown to the Unknown, 2014
43.    Batu “eraser”, Eraser/Stairwells single, Cold Recordings, 2017
44.    Kyle Hall “Feel Us More”, From Joy EP, Wild Oats, 2018
45.    NGLY “Service Cost HH2”, Speechless Tape EP, L.I.E.S., 2014
46.    Joe “Punters Step Out”, Punters Step Out/Club Scared single, Hemlock, 2013
47.    Misantrop “Limerence”, Limerence EP, Foul-Up, 2016
48.    Egyptrixx “Discipline 1982”, Transfer of Energy (Feelings of Power) EP, Halocene Trance, 2015
49.    Lando Kal “TMRW”, TMRW EP, Stillcold Records, 2012
50.    FBOM “Hoods UP”, Hoods Up EP, Elevator Action, 2012
51.    SCNTST “T.H.E.L.”, 4FRIENDZ EP, Boyznoize Records, 2015
52.    Yuji Kondo “Something for Those Who Wait”, Radiate the Ocean From My Back EP, Perc Trax, 2014
53.    Ipman “hellzapoppin”, CO.LD Vol. 1 compilation, Cold Recordings, 2014
54.    pity party “MOPAC”, MOPAC EP, self-released, 2020
55.    Tickles “Predator”, Don’t Get Lemon EP, Roska Kicks & Snares, 2011
56.    Champion & Riko Dan “Landslide”, Landslide single, Lobster Boy, 2017
57.    S-Tee “Tribes Man VIP”, F2: Volume 1 compilation, Formula, 2017
58.    Mall Grab “Menace II Society”, Menace II Society EP, Unknown to the Unknown, 2016
59.    Carl Finlow “Boron”, Beckoned EP, Craigie Knowes, 2016
60.    Deamonds “Kiss’, Revz EP, East London Club Trax, 2016
61.    Surveyor Mode “Continental”, Continental EP, Emotive Sounds, 2016
62.    Rennie Foster “Quotient Beats”, Quotient EP, Subspec, 2016
63.    Innershades “Finger on the Trigger”, A World That Matters EP, Unknown to the Unknown, 2016
64.    Vectorvision “Beta Cloud”, Cyber_Tex compilation EP, T.R.U., 2016
65.    Mak & Pasteman “It's Dis”, Materials 006 single, Materials, 2016
66.    Udachi “Hevy”, This is Night Bass Vol. 4 compilation EP, Night Bass, 2016
67.    Champion feat. Ruby Lee Ryder “Sensitivity (Flava D remix)”, Formula Records Presents: F=Bass² compilation, Formula, 2015
68.    Post Scriptum “Donbelief”, Infrastructure Facticity compilation, Infrastructure New York, 2016
69.    New York Transit Authority “Swarm”, Swarm/Hard Work single, Lobster Boy, 2013
70.    Monolake “Mcp79”, G M O EP, Monolake/Imbalance Computer Music, 2016
71.    Pangaea “One by One”, In Drum Play EP, Hessle Audio, 2016
72.    DJ Technician “DSS Part II”, DJ Overdose X DJ Technician split EP, Charlois, 2016
73.    Carpainter “Browser Crasher (Niklavz Remix)”, Browser Crasher EP, Top Billin, 2016
74.    RNBWS “Enough”, Do Right EP, Sounds of Sumo, 2016
75.    Peverelist “Sheer Chance Matters”, Tessellations EP, Livity Sound, 2017
76.    Sirmo “Stomp Trooper”, Storm Trooper EP, Northern Line Records, 2017
77.    Luke Vibert “Ghetto Blast Ya”, Bizarster album, Planet-µ, 2015
78.    Daze Prism “Roy”, Phaze Reversal EP, U Wot Blud Records, 2017
79.    Pearson Sound “Robin Chasing Butterflies”, Robin Chasing Butterflies EP, self-released, 2017
80.    Vertical67 “Aura”, Aura EP, 100% Silk, 2014
81.    Vin Sol “Data Signal”, Club Lonely Power Tools Vol. 1 EP, Club Lonely, 2016
82.    Seelow “xx4A”, TFE XX4 single, The Final Experiment, 2016
83.    EOD “Three Hundred Stars”, touched two compilation, Touched Music, 2014
84.    T. Williams “Break Broke”, Break Broke EP, Local Action, 2011
85.    Raime “Stammer”, Tooth EP, Blackest Ever Black, 2016

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Last night's show, May 7, 2021. Fun one, turned out well. 


Download:  https://archive.sub.fm/taupe-beats-07-may-2021/

1 CN “Isis”
2 Gallegos Beach Feet”
3 Sully “Vamp”
4 Locked Groove “Space War”
5 Ex-Terrestrial “Mojave Skyline (ANF Virtual Music Mix)”
6 Mor Elian “Fairplex Drive”
7 Heritage “Suburban Dreams”
8 Pangaea “Viaduct”
9 Hodge “Amor Fati (Peverelist Remix)”
10 Fader From Borneo “Sound Fondue”
11 DJ Heure “I Want to Be There”
12 Earth Trax “Your Fading Other”
13 Scuba “Never Forget (Baltra Remix)”
14 Woz “Poppin”
15 Luke Vibert “Ghetto Blast Ya”
16 SLIM HUSTLA “Night Patrollin”
17 Dream Cycle “Sensa”
18 Jessy Lanza “Fuck Diamond (Bambounou Remix)”
19 Scuba “Feel It”
20 Wilfy D “Organ Jam (Lost In 95)”
21 French Fries “Bug Noticed”
22 Laksa “Like It's 99”
23 Stenny “Orbital”
24 ASOK “Terran Envoy”
25 Egyptrixx “Liberation Front (Mike Q Remix / Bok Bok Re-Edit)”
26 Mosca “Square One (L-Vis 1990 Remix)”
27 St. Vincent “Hang On Me (Batu Remix)”
28 Earth Trax “I'm Not Afraid (Computer Data Remix)”
29 Todd Edwards “A Song For You”
30 Randomer “Velvet”
31 Uncle Bakongo “Afar”
32 MFO “Slow Run in Our Dreams”
33 Cop Envy “Cotton”
34 Dario Zenker “Wm2”
35 Otik    “Clairvoyant”
36 Laurence Guy “Your Good Times Will Come”

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