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possible new aphex track?


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this is prob just some 16 year old spanish kid in his attic lol


Good one!


I've listened a few times, and lean no for a few reasons.  But it's a marvelous track nonetheless.  It really makes me think/wonder.  


When people talk about the drums and EQing, I'm not going to say they're wrong.  But I will say that, at least in the more recent years, it's clear that RDJ does dozens of versions of tracks, gently evolving it from fairly basic to final lushness.  We've seen that a few times with Tuss and Syro tracks.  Certainly the interim tracks have lots of the RDJ magic but lack a lot of the final polish.

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speaking of spanish kids in attics



did I mention I heard of this and was hoping it was more aphexy than squarepusher, and is this called like a 'cupboard'? I was hoping it was a literal cupboard like in America, goes to get cereal and a fake afx looking guy is hunched over a modular synth, so reclusive he is inside the cupboard just making beats/jams/choons

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Anyone got a tracklist yet? So far I count


00:00 Alspacka

00:31 Generic Confederation Trough vocoder

00:54 Sort of Windowlicker

01:07 00:43 from CIRCLONT6A

01:33 CIRKLON3

02:03 Mangle11

02:25 Ceephax - Capsule in Space (TWIST!!!)

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I've listened a lot yesterday and this morning.  I'm changing my vote to RDJ.  It's a remarkable track.  I hear you about the drums, and maybe the EQ.  And yes it certainly appears to have references to numerous RDJ tracks, but there's no sampling; it's an original track.  The hardware sounds right, the melodies and arrangement sounds right, the complexity sounds right.  The bass fluctuations around 1:12 kinda sold me.


But it doesn't really make sense why it would be uploaded there the way it was.  That part seems a 'no.'

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well I think we can all agree... either it's Aphex and it's lush AF or it's not Aphex and it's shit

I'm definitely not going to admit I like it until I know for sure it's aphex, then I'll pretend I loved it all along

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you wankers wouldn't distinguish richard from any random attention seeking soundclouder...


just listen those plain boring snares and hihats, my fucking casiotone have a more interesting sound... and those completely random modulations? tweaking knobs just because why not right? then there is that composition, you can see whomever created that track have little to none experience with acid or basic music theory. Finally the mixing and mastering work is simply nonexistent. This is a fucking 5 minutes fruityloops project with untouched presets that I would only enjoy after my third pint

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can anyone explain why Richard would invest time and energy into making a crap medley of snippets of his own, recently-released tracks?


sure, it seems he likes a joke, but if this is one, then it really isn't funny.


in fact, it's embarrassing and I cringe at the thought of someone expending their effort on this derivative imitation, moreso than those who are deluded enough to think this sounds enough like Aphex Twin to be authentic lol

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Since there are surprisingly many "this is 100% afx" posts here I had to give it another listen, but still can't hear why on earth someone thinks this is the real thing. It's odd since imo there have been much better fakes around (namely from the tuss era) which haven't gotten this much attention. Can't understand what makes this so special (25 changes????). The tune sounds somehow uncanny sloppy and c'mon that cirklon3 part...no no no.  :facepalm:


And I gave it another click....

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