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Merzbow - Pulse Demon

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"the most extreme record ever made" ....




aye, definetly most well-known noise record tho! got many people into noise I think


edit: I don't do vinyl sadly, got no money.. would love a cd of it

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He might be a bit strapped for cash, been plenty of his albums (?) re-released this year.  Or noise is cool again.


"noise has always been cool"



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Yeah I picked up the Material Action 2 reissue and Noisembryo. The latter is arguably more 'groundbreaking' than Pulse Demon, first album to sound like what we now know as noise. Pulse Demon is def an important one in his discography though, as MIXL2 said. Probably one of the loudest mastered albums too, outside of a Lady Gaga album.

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Sexy packaging though. 


+1. used to have a shirt of the cover which got lost over time. still hurts. as for the music; probably my least favorite merzbow release. 


would like to see a vinyl release of the merzbox sometime soon though  :emotawesomepm9:

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Fuck me, I got distracted chatting to some dating site bird on whatsapp and before I knew it was 5:07. The Special edition with tape was already sold out. U G H 


I grabbed a few.


I'll send you one.

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Awe, you were supposed to call me on my trolling. You know I'd never pay for Merzbow... Now I just feel bad. 


I'm sorry. 

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